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Religious Scholars’ Sites Name
 Al- Sayyid Ali Al-KhamenieArabic, Farsi, French, Turkish  Al-Sayyid Ali Al-Khamanei
 Arabic  Al-Shaikh Jawad Al-Tabrizi
 Arabic  Al-Sayyid Husaini Al-Shirazi
 English, Arabic  Al-Sayyid Sa’ed Al-Hakeem
 English, Arabic, Urdu  Al-Sayyid Kamal Al-Haidary
 Arabic  Al-Sayyid Kazim Al-Haeri
 Arabic  Al-Sayyid Husain Shahroudi
 Arabic, Farsi English, Urdu  Al-Shaikh Fazel Almaleki
 Arabic  Al-Sayyid Baqir Al-Sadr
 Arabic  Al-S. Rohullah Al-Khomaini
 Arabic  Al-Sayyid Saami Al-Badri
 Arabic  Al-Sayyid Musa Al-Sadr
 Arabic, Farsi  Al-Shaikh Ja’far Subhani
 Arabic  Al-Shaikh Khalf Aal Usfoor
 Arabic  Al-Shaikh Esa Ahmad Qasim
 Arabic  Al-Shaikh Mansur Al-Bayaat
 Arabic  Al-Sayyid Haadi Al-Modarresi
 Arabic  Al-Syayyid Murtaza Al-Qazvini
 English  Al-Sayyid Taqil Al-Modarresi
 Arabic, Farsi English, Turkish  Al-Sayyid Ali Al-Shahristani
 Arabic  Al-Shaikh Ahmad Al-Ehsaie
 English, Arabic  Al-Shaikh Habib Al-Kazemi
 Arabic  Imam Khomeini
 English – All Shia islamic Laws data  Al-Shahida Bintul Huda
 English, Arabic
Centers & Institutes Language  English,Arabic,Swahili  Arabic  English,Arabic  English,German(More)  English  English  English,Arabic,Farsi  Arabic  Arabic  English  English,Arabic  English,Farsi,Arabic  English,Arabic,Farsi  English,Arabic,Farsi  English,Arabic  English  English
 deleted  English  English  English  English,Arabic,Farsi  English  English  Arabic  English,Arabic  English,Farsi,Arabic  English  English  English  English  English  English,Arabic,Farsi  English,Farsi  English  English  English  English  English  English  English  English,Arabic  EnglishArabic
Newspapers & Magazines Language  English  English  Farsi, English, Arabic  French  English, Arabic, Farsi  English
Mosques & Husaini Centers Language  English, Arabic, Farsi  English, Arabic  English  English  English  English, Arabic  English, Arabic, French
TV & Radio Channels Language  English, Farsi, Arabic  English

34 Responses to “Shia Sites”

  1. shabbirali Says:

    Assalamo Aliqum,
    Would you please provide me website which has literature to learn Arabic with the referece of either English or Urdu?


  2. moralsandethics Says:

    In recent visit to one of the Br. saw a comment on Imam Mahdi (a.s.) channel which read “Can someone please give me links to resources on Imam e Zamana”

    And the links provided by on the forum were of few subsections websites having articles on Imam (a.s.). It did not had as one of the source.

    It is indeed an irony that site is rich with contents on Imam (a.s.) and it is not visible or known to people looking for such contents.

  3. Raymond Nwambuonwo Says:

    This is a fantastic site and will enhance the experience of all visitors.When you have time you can submit your articles to my directory to start building those crucial baklinks in order to increase your pagerank. You can also submit to Your article will be approved in 24 hrs. Good luck and keep it coming.

  4. abid Says:

    It can econourage all visiters.we hope you will improve more and more.

  5. SHABIHA Says:


  6. gold Says:

    Reply to brother shabbirali :plz chk (arabic) or u can chk there is an arabic corner too (Would you please provide me website which has literature to learn Arabic with the referece of either English or Urdu?)

  7. sardar hasan Says:

    pleese add my site thenk yuo

  8. Sami Says:

    assalmolaykom brothers and sisters
    I am married to a moroccan, and here is where I learn Moroccan arabic
    good luk every1 wid learning arabic,

  9. abid Says:

    ya ali madadd
    if you have the 99 names of MOLA ALI then kindly send me at
    if any link we are need that too much.

  10. abid Says:

    we are too much the 99 names of MOLA ALI can any one send it to us?

  11. azra Says:

    plz plz plz, i rely need dis1! Can sum1 proove from qura’an that rasool (s.a.w) was not actually a human being! Plz ppl, hlp me, r shiasm is being aquestnd…

  12. Sedy jaffar Hussain Says:

    I am pakistani and speaking urdu. I m observing 1 x point that there is free space for urdu web sites. Please try to admint this point.

  13. Lamar Paveglio Says:

    I put this in my list of all-time reads! Xmarked & Delcious.

  14. masuma Says:

    salaamun alaykum,
    dear sis azra,
    who said dat da Holy Prophet wasnt a human being?he was just like us!!he prevented himself from doing gunnah dats when he got ‘Ismat’.nd dats da only reason he became da Prophet wen he was 40!!
    Der is diz ayats i found in Quran saying da Prophet was just like us. s.ibrahim:11,s.kahf:110,s.anbiya:3,’minun:24 nd 33,s.fussilat:6.
    If der is anything else den plz do mail me.
    Hope it helps.
    Fi amanillah.

  15. samreen Says:

    salam…i want to know that y prophet..muhammed saww. has married ayesha..? can any one tell me …?

  16. samreen Says:


  17. janan Says:

    As salam u alaikum
    yes sister samreen Hazarat Muhammad (SAW) married with Ayesha sadiqa bintyabu bakar sidiq (R.A).
    there you can check it

  18. Yusuf Ali Rizvi Says:

    Hi As salamualaikum my all shia bhai me Yusuf Ali Rizvi I am a Handicapped and a post-graduate person fro India. I am very poor I have no Father and have three sisters and mother and have no job my family is so poor and I send u this massage from my friends computer i saw this sites name from a paper any of my shia bhai ya orgnaization help me giving me some add means (imdad) here is my email address-( and plz help me i search a job from many time but found no job so plz help me ya send me monthly add till then my all shia bhai- Khuda-Hafiz and plz help me

  19. Android Tablets Says:

    Does your website have a contact page? I’m having a tough time locating it but, I’d like to shoot you an email. I’ve got some creative ideas for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great site and I look forward to seeing it expand over time.

  20. Shakira Says:

    Salaams. The site is anything but Islamic. Please delete it as it is more a site for soliciting women!!! The authentic one is
    Was salaam

  21. muharram 2012 Says:

    Thanks alot for sharing shia sites list. I was looking for such links. I’ll share this page also to my shia brothers and sisters…again A+++

  22. SipaheMahdi Says:

    Please include this also

    its a shia Site where you can find islamic articles and wallpapers on all 14 masoomeen a.s.

    Awaiting for the Savior of Humanity – Sipah e Mahdi (a.t.f.s.)

  23. ali raza Says:

    english , urdu

  24. ghaibatekubraa Says:

    open and promote and join my blog GHAIBATEKUBRAA

  25. Jason Kazme Says:

    Please visit

    Also please promote this website as much as you can. 

  26. Jason Kazme Says:


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    Also please promote this website as much as you can. 

  27. Stockel Says:

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