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In the Qur’an, there exists a chapter by the name of Al-Qasas (The Narratives), which itself is proof that man is in need of stories and narratives.In many places in the Qur’an, stories of Prophets, kings and nations have been mentioned.

In addition, God has presented issues pertaining to wars, peace, family, religion, society and other similar topics, in the form of stories and narratives. By reading these accounts, the people can comprehend and distinguish the paths of progress and regress, and ascent and descent in every field, especially morals. The entire chapter Yusuf has been devoted to the story of Yusuf, Ya’qub, Zulaikha and the brothers. In the beginning of the Chapter, God says: 

We narrate to you (O’ Prophet) the most excellent of the narratives by (means of) what We have revealed to you this Qur’an[Holy Qur’an, ch. Yusuf (12), vs. 3]

 While, in the concluding verse of this very chapter, He says:

Indeed (there) in the histories of theirs, is a lesson for men of understanding. [Holy Qur’an, ch. Yusuf (12), vs. 111]

 Indeed, one of the distinguished feats of the Qur’an is this very story of Yusuf (a.s.), which it refers to as the ‘best of the narratives’, and at the end of which, it says: In these stories there is a lesson for those, who desire to take a moral and adopt the path of the Perfect Men.  In this regard, Amirul Mu’mineen (a.s.), in Nahjul Balaghah, says to his son Imam Hasan (a.s.): 

Even though I have not reached the age, which those before me have, yet I have looked into their behaviour and reflected over the events of their lives. I walked amongst their ruins till I was as one of them. In fact, by virtue of those of their affairs that have become known to me, it is as though I have lived with them from the first to the last. I have therefore been able to discern the impure from the clean and the benefit from the harm. I have selected for you the choicest of those matters and collected for you their good points while keeping away from you the useless ones. 

 This collection caters for the general public, young and old alike, who are acquainted with basic reading and writing. As far as possible, I have endeavoured to omit scientific issues and those aspects, pertaining to traditions, whose comprehension would be demanding and exacting for the general masses  

As far as the issue of associating a story to a particular topic is concerned, I do not claim that the stories allude to just one topic or that particular one which has been specified here; rather, there are stories which can be associated with several other topics too, in addition to the topic under which it has been mentioned here. 

It is hoped that the readers, after going through the stories and narratives, reflect upon and take lessons from them so that they are able to create within themselves, a new impetus towards perfection of morals; and God Willing, those who are endowed with laudable morals, should relate them to others, for rectification and remedy of the weaker souls.

Moral Stories On Motivation

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  ¨      Encouraging Stories: A Frog Tale, Confidence Builder – Fathers Eyes, You are Priceless

¨      Grandmother Stories: Wise Old Sayings (Crystal Ball), Authentic Happiness: Signs of Happiness

¨      Hereafter in Islam: Dream Interpretation, Clever King Story, Why are we reluctant to die?

¨      Words of Wisdom: Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover, Lessons on life, Proud Red Rose

¨      Islam and Gambling Addiction: Game of chance, Hope and Greed, Story of Honesty

¨      Story of prayer: Importance of Salat Time in Islam, Story of Determination, Story of Belief

¨      Story of Helping Others: Listen to the Whisper, Story of Generosity, Teaching Values

¨      Amazing Stories of Caring Friendship: The Three Cows, Mayonnaise and the Coffee

¨      Inspiring Stories for Teachers: Sharpening Skills, Snake Catcher, Clever Boy, Travelers and Tree

¨      Inspirational Stories for Children: Ant and Dove, Wolf and Lamb, Fox and Grapes, Thirsty Crow

¨      Powerful Stories about Stress Management: Put The Glass Down, The Club 99

¨      Absolutely Free Stories eZine: Illusion of Reflection, Be a Lake, Source of Problems, Bandage

¨      Inspirational Stories for Teenagers: The Gift of Love, Most Beautiful Heart

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¨      Wonderful Stories of Islam: Four Wives, More Than One Husband, Be Careful What You Plant

¨      Inspirational Stories for Kids: Monkey & Dolphin, Words & Actions, Farmer & Stork, Fox Story

¨      Islamic Stories with Morals: Ramadan Story: Mysterious Hands, Who Win, Price of Imaan

¨      Favourite Stories: Wife and Mother, Messenger of Allah (saww) and Mothers, Mother in Islam

¨      Stories of Miracles: I want to buy a Miracle, Belief in Allah, Doubting God and Words of God

¨      Family Stories: A box full of Kisses, Beautiful Gift (Holy Quran), Trouble Tree (Family Trouble)

¨      Stories of Faith: Story of Trust, Favorite Story True Wealth, Be thankful to God, Kindness

¨      Hijab Stories: You are Precious, Beautiful Stories: Poison your Mother-in-Law, Important Body Part

¨      Exciting Stories: Congregational Prayer, Repentance in Islam, Children’s Observations

¨      Mother Stories: You are beautiful, The Devoted Mother, Mother, what can I give you?

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    Moral stories, are read to learn the lessons of History. Through moral stories one can improve their moral values, behaviour & conduct. Please read these moral stories carefully, because these moral stories leaves very important lessons which we can apply in our daily life style.Also these stories has more than one morals so concentrate & ponder while reading these stories. You can suf the this blog for free moral stories and online free short stories….

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    Today there are 12 synagogues for the 13,000 Jews living in the city of Rome, but about 450 years ago there were only five synagogues for a much smaller Jewish population. Still, the Pope who ruled the city of Rome in those days thought there were to many synagogues in Rome. In the year 1,555 the Pope ordered all the Jews in the city to live in just one area. He also decreed that the Jews should have only one synagogue for the whole community. (In those days, and for over 100 years after, the Catholics and the Protestants were making war against one another.)

    Those Jews who did not already live in the Jewish area had to sell their homes and move into the newly formed Ghetto (a place where a group of people are forced to live). Although many Jews did not want to sell their homes, they had to do it, so they did it. But they did resist the decree to have only one synagogue. The members of each synagogue decided to hold services in the home of the member with the largest room. But when the police learned of their plan, the Pope ordered that all the Roman Jews should only pray in one building with only one entrance.

    What should the Jewish people do. Some said the Jews should obey the Pope’s order just as they had obeyed the order that all Jews must live in the Ghetto. But most Jews disagreed. Two of the synagogues in Rome were Sephardi (Jews from Spain and North Africa), and two were Ashkenazi (Jews from Germany and the North of Italy. The fifth congregation followed the tradition that Roman Jews had followed for more than 17 centuries (the Roman Jewish community had existed for 200 years before the first Christians even came to Rome).

    We say the same prayers they all agreed, but we sing the prayers with
    different melodies.

    We all say some of the same prayers they all agreed, but some have added
    extra poems and prayers that others do not say.

    Some have longer services and some have shorter services they all

    Some pray with more joy and some pray with more intensity.

    Some would rather pray at home than go to a different synagogue they all agreed. So what should they do?

    The rabbis discussed the problem. One of them said, “We all know that the difference between a human king and God, who is the King of Kings, is that when a human ruler stamps his image on a coin (like a Lincoln penny) every coin has the same image on it. But when God creates humans in God’s image we all look different. God wants diversity, not uniformity. God wants pluralism, not universalism. We can all live together in harmony, but we cannot all think, feel or behave the same way.” All the Roman Rabbis agreed.

    So they decided to buy a big three story building, with only one doorway. On the first floor there were two synagogues. On the second floor there were two synagogues. On the third floor was the fifth synagogue. Everyone agreed to refer to the one building as “the” synagogue, and to call the five synagogues; schools, “scolas” in Italian or “Shules” in Yiddish. This solution worked for over 300 years, until the Pope lost his power over Rome and the Italian government took over.

    If five different Orthodox Jewish groups could share one synagogue building in a time of religious warfare, all the different Jewish groups today should be able to live together in a time of much greater freedom. If many different kinds of Jews can learn to live together in harmony, then the different sects of every religion can learn to live together in harmony. And then if all religions can live in harmony with their own heretics, maybe they can live in harmony with each other.

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    The boys were very surprised, and a little frightened, but they went with the king’s servant. When they arrived at the picnic, the table was set with all kinds of wonderful foods and drinks. The king told the boys to sit down next to him and eat. The boys sat down next to the king, but they did not eat.
    After a few minutes the king said, “Why are you not eating? My food is prepared by the best cook in the kingdom. It is the best tasting food in the country. Doesn’t it look good to you”
    “It looks great, and I am sure it is the best food I will ever taste,” answered one boy, “but I can’t eat it.”
    “Did you just finish eating lunch? If so you do not have to eat a whole meal, just have some of these great deserts” said the king.
    The other boy replied, “Actually we did not eat lunch today, but we cannot eat anything, not even one of those really good looking chocolate covered candies.”
    The king was surprised and asked, “Are you sick? Is that why you have lost your appetite?”
    “No,” said the boys, “We are not sick and we haven’t lost our appetites.”
    “Then why are you not hungry?” asked the king.
    “But we are hungry” said one boy, and his friend added, “Neither of us ate lunch, and I did not eat breakfast. We are very, very hungry.”
    The king looked bewildered and shouted, “Then why don’t you eat since both of you are hungry and the food is delicious?”
    “Because this month is Ramadan and I am a Muslim” said one boy. The other boy nodded and said, “And today is Yom Kippur and I am Jewish.”
    The king was astonished and said, “Why shouldn’t you enjoy yourselves? This is the best tasting food you will ever eat and you are hungry.”
    “That is true, but that makes it even more important for us to fast,” answered the boys. “It is easy not to eat food you do not like. The test of a person’s self-control is best when the temptation is greatest.”
    “Do you think God cares if you eat or not? Go ahead and eat, I will not tell anyone, especially your parents.”
    Both boys said, “No thanks. Even if you don’t tell anyone else, we will know that we failed to live up to our religious duties to God.”
    The king thought for a moment and then asked the Muslim boy why the Muslim God made Muslims fast for a whole month while the Jewish God only required one day of fasting.
    The Muslim boy answered, “Muslims fast on Ramadan because that is the month that Prophet Muhammad received the first verses of the Holy Qur’an. Fasting brings us closer to God and stimulates us to give charity to the hungry. Jews fast for one day because that is what the Torah requires of them. There is only one God. Jews and Muslims obey the same God, but God asks each religious community to do different things. God judges us according to how good we are in our own religion, not according to somebody else’s religion. The Holy Qur’an in surah 5 says, “If Allah had so willed, He could have made humans a single people, but He tests you in what He has revealed to you, so strive to compete in all virtues.” My father says that this is one of the most important teachings of the Qur’an for both Muslims and everyone else in todays world. Muslims fast everyday for the whole month of Ramadan, but only from sunrise to sunset. We can eat dinner after sunset and breakfast before sunrise. Jews have to go without food or drink for a full 24 hours on Yom Kippur. Each community must be faithful to its own religion.”
    The king asked the Jewish boy, “What is Yom Kippur?”
    “Yom Kippur teaches us that we must improve ourselves each year by changing some of our bad habits or behavior. We must admit we have done bad things and hurt people. We have to go face the people we hurt and make peace with them. This is not easy to do. My father says that to improve oneself takes lots of self-discipline. Fasting is good training in one of the most basic and difficult self-disciplines; dieting. It is easy to eat food that tastes good. But to limit yourself by restricting your diet every day, and not eating at all on Yom Kippur, is real challenge and helps Jews improve their self-control and spiritual self-discipline. All faithful Jews who are 13 years or older, are commanded by God to fast on Yom Kippur, so I have not eaten since dinner last night. I knew fasting 24 hours on Yom Kippur would be a test of my will power, and my commitment to be a faithful Jew, but I never thought I’d be challenged by being tempted to eat a meal fit for a king.”
    The king was very impressed by what the boys said. He was even more impressed by the boys’ self-discipline and commitment to be faithful to their own religious teachings. So the king told the boys to come to the palace the next evening, along with their entire family, and have dinner with the king and the queen. And that is what they did. The two families became friendly with the king and continued to eat dinner at the palace, each year.
    One year, the king also tried to fast on Yom Kippur, but he was only able to fast until 3 pm when he gave up, saying “I couldn’t do it for even one day. I guess if you don’t start when you are young it is a lot harder than it looks.”

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