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On the Occasion of Wiladat-e-Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s)  I would like to send greeting to all the Brother in Faith. There is a short presentation to know little bit about the Living Imam- The Awaited one.

It can be used for explaining the small childreen & teaching the students.

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Wildat of Imam Hasan a.s

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Wildat of Imam Husian (a.s)

The Chief of the ladies of the world gave birth to such a great child that no daughter of Eve had ever done either before the time of Prophethood nor after him. He was the one who reached such heights of greatness that no one bestowed greater blessings or grace on humanity more than him. Thus there was none purer, cleaner and more prominent than him.

The world became illuminated with him and the humanity, along with its whole progeny, became blessed. Muslims were proud of him and considered his remembrance worthy and every year they express pride in him

Greetings in PPT format =>> ” Wildat of I.Husian “ (Small Introduction in power point presentation especially for children)

Born on the 3rd of Shabaan in the forth year after the migration to Madina, Shaykh Abbas al-Qummi narrates that he was only 10 months and twenty days younger than his brother, Imam Hasan ibne Ali (peace be upon him)!  These two Imams would later be known as the Chiefs of the Youths of Paradise, a title bestowed upon them by the Messenger of Allah and accepted by all Muslims.

The birth of this child into the family of the Prophethood was a cause of great celebration and also pain (as the Prophet and his family had been foretold of the murder of this Imam on the plains of Kerbala). 

After his birth, the Angel Jibreel came to the Prophet, and after conveying the greetings of Allah, said to the Prophet, “Since Ali is to you as Harun was to Musa, thus, you must name this new born with the same name as the young son of Harun which was Shabbir.  Since your tongue is Arabic, the name (which is equivalent in your language) is Hussein.”  At this, the Prophet kissed the baby, cried and then said to him that “You will see great tribulations in the future, may Allah curse those who force this upon you…” 

From this Imam, we have been given many recommended acts – through the Prophet’s actions – which make up his Sunnah.  One of these acts has been narrated by Shaykh Tusi as follows:

“Imam Hussein began to speak very late in life.  One day, he was in the Masjid with the Messenger of Allah standing beside him when the Prophet said “Allahu Akbar” to began his Salat.  Imam Hussein tried to repeat.  The Prophet said it once more.  This continued on until the Prophet said the Takbiratul Ihraam 7 times after which Imam Hussain pronounced it properly.” 

As we know today, the scholars of the Fiqh of Jaffari have said that it is highly recommended to begin one’s Salat with seven takbeers followed by the Takbiratul Ihraam – and this has been taught to us by the grandson of the Prophet!

Other Ahadith refer to this act of the seven takbeers as breaking through the veils which exist between the servant and Allah.  Once the seven takbeers are said with true understanding of what those two words mean, the servant has then entered into the sacred presence of Allah and may start his prayers.

Titles of Imam Husain (‘a)

The titles of His Eminence and the lofty qualities that he possessed are as

1. Martyr (Shaheed),
2. Pure (Tayyib),
3. Chief of the youths of Paradise,
4. Grandson[1]
According to a saying of the Holy Prophet (s): “Husain is my grandson from among the grandsons.”[2]
5. The Rightly guided one (Rashid),
6. Wafi (Loyal),
 7. Blessed (Mubarak),
8. Follower of Allah’s will (At Taabe le marzillah)[3],
9. (Ad-Daleel Alaa Zaatullah) Proof for the True entity,
10. Most Purified (Mutahhar),
11. Birr (Righteous),
12. Ahadul Kazmain (one of those who swallowed the Anger)[4]


It has been related that Ibrahim al-Taymi said: I was circumambulating (the Ka’bah) when Abu ‘Abd Allah [a.s] took hold of my arm and greeted me. Then he said, ‘Shall I tell you about the excellence of circumambulating this House?’ ‘Indeed,’ I replied. He said:

‘Any Muslim who circumambulates this House seven times then comes to the Maq¡m (the standing-place of Prophet Abraham) and offers a two-Rak’ah (unit of prayer) prayer behind it, Allah will write for him one thousand good deeds, erase from him one thousand misdeeds, elevate him one thousand degrees and establish for him one thousand intercessions.

Then he said, ‘Shall I tell you what is even better than that?’ ‘Yes, indeed,’ I replied. He said:

‘To fulfill someone’s need is better than circumambulating a week and another week…’ he repeated ten times [1] then said:

‘O Ibrahim: a believer has never acquired a profit more harmful to him than the wealth he gains. Wealth is more injurious to him than two starving wolves on a flock of sheep whose shepherd has perished; one (attacking) from the front and the other from the rear.’

Then he asked, ‘What do you think of them (i.e. the wolves)?’ ‘May you prosper and thrive! They will ruin (the flock),’ I replied. ‘This is true,’ he remarked, ‘the least (corruption) that permeates him is that his Muslim brother comes to him and says, ‘Marry me (to your daughter),’ but he replies, ‘you have no wealth!’ [2]


[1] Al-Mustadrak 2/407 h.4 and al-Majlisi: Bihar al-Anwar 74/319 h.83 [as quoted from Ibn Fahad al-°illi: `Uddat al-Da`i 178].

[2] Al-Mustadrak 2/537 h.6.

Wildat of H.Ali (a.s)

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Imam Hasan-e-Mujtaba


15th Ramadan 1427 A.H. – The birth anniversary of the Leader of the youth of
Paradise,the second Holy Imam and the standard bearer of peace – Imam
Hasan(a.s.) ibn-e-Imam Ali(a.s.)

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Imam Hasan-e-Mujtaba

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