On Burning Quran

Who is burning the Quran? A Christian priest?

 Ask a question, if I write the name of Jesus Christ on a piece of paper and give it to him to burn it, will he burn it? If I write the name of Moses on a piece of paper and give it to a Jew, will he burn it? What they intend to burn is the same. In the Quran the name of Jesus Christ is mentioned with great honour 29 times and the name of Moses with dignity 129 times, while the name of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon all of them) is mentioned just 4 times. In addition all the 24 prophets mentioned in the Quran are there in the Bible. Make them aware that they are burning the names of Jesus Christ, Moses and all 24 prophets.

The problem is none of them have ever cared to read the Quran. My request to them is to read the Quran’s translation in their own language (easily available free online) and then decide whether burning the Quran is justified or not. I may assure them that they will highly regret in their lives when at a later date they read it. All the allegations of immorality on Mother Mary, Jesus Christ and other prophets mentioned in different books have been very neatly refuted in the Quran. Mother Mary has been given the highest honour amongst all the women of the World. Read it you will be enlightened. Birth of Moses and his marriage has been described in the most respectful manner. Not a single derogatory word has been used in the Quran for any of the prophets those mentioned in the Bible.

Why burn the Quran? Burn those books in which baseless allegations have been put on many of the prophets of God. That will be fully justified. Once you read its translation, you will be convinced that it is the best book on earth; every word is of God, the God of Adam, Abraham, Moses and Jesus (peace be upon them all). Not a single word has changed in 1431 years. It is in its original, pristine form preserved in Turkey and in Leningrad.

It is totally a wrong concept that Quran was written by the prophet Muhammad (pbuh). How can a person, who did not learn reading and writing from any one … neither he attended any religious studies nor any other school., can write a book of over 600 pages without any mistake, describing the advance theory of science and space? Moreover the Quran is in the highest literary form of Arabic language. How can Quran be considered man made; a book which describes intricate embryological development of a fetus, space science, complicated oceanography and in over 1400 years no one has found any contradiction or any mistake? Every word of the Quran is the word of God, the same God of Adam, Abraham, Moses and Jesus Christ. How can anyone even think of burning the words of your own God?

What is radical about Islam or the teachings of the Quran? Without reading it you call it radical! Bring a single copy of the Bible which is in its original form. What amount of changes is made in the Bible by men to the words of God? Who gave them the authority in the very first place to change the words of God, revise and re-revise the Bible? But still we do not call it radical. We also have appeal to the Muslims of the whole world don’t even think of burning a single copy of the Bible in retaliation because the Bible has the names of our 24 prophets whom all we respect from the core of our hearts.

Coming down to the most crucial point of 9/11: The allegation is again on the Muslim, so they decided to burn the Quran, stop building an Islamic Center in Manhattan near Ground Zero. Have a look at the documentaries made on the truth of 9/11. These documentaries are proved without the shadow of doubt there in the scenario of 9/11 in the year 2001, no Muslim was involved. In one of the documentary it said loud and clear that no Muslim is involved in 9/11.

Amazing, all the documentaries and films are made by Americans and that too Christians. Go through each and every documentary on U-Tube, you will be amazed, who did it – you have to decide yourself of course not any Muslim? The preparation was done three months before 9/11. If anyone considers these documentaries are not authentic, why can’t they take the producers to the courts and involve FBI to investigate how dare, they can make such movie which has tarnished the image of America all over the world and the whole world had sunk in deep recession shattering the economy of all the countries. What benefit they achieved by doing so? Thousands of Americans were killed and even are being killed today. Trillions of Dollars have burnt in smoke, millions of innocent people were killed and other multimillions suffered. Why don’t these preachers of peace go after them who did it? Why Muslims and why Quran?

Please send this article to all your acquaintances, News papers, magazines, put it on the U-Tube, radio stations, television stations and on the Internet.

5 Responses to “On Burning Quran”

  1. Muhammad Tayyab Says:

    excellent.All we need is to educate our self and then to our society.We all Love God Almighty and Prophets.Then why should we burn a book in which the Names of Holy Prophets is Written;Above All, name of The creator of The Universe is also written.
    Please always keep your eyes open.

  2. Serita Rotundo Says:

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  3. Angie Uptegraft Says:

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  4. Bharat Patel Says:

    Big question for Muslim is that
    have they ever criticized muslim terrorism? The answer is NO. Give me name of any muslim country who criticized the terrorism. Even pakistan, afghanistan, a muslim country encourage terrorism (other gulf countries even providing fund for terrorism). It may be a temporary anger against muslim & they burn quran. May afterward they feel shy for their act.

    • moralsandethics Says:

      Dear brother every true Muslim will criticized terrorism. First terrorism attack in the Islamic History was done by Yazid (l.a) so called Muslim and Imam Husein (a.s) stood against and crtisized it. Islam ha never taught harrsing or killing any one. In fact Islam has taken care of animals rights too and explained their rights on us. You can read those stores from my blogs. The Only problem is that the correct Islamic Teaching was not taken from the Family of Holy Prophet (p). You can Just read my Article “What is Muharram ?” and see how Imam Husein (a.s) sacrificed his entire family for the sake of Islam.

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