It was a gloomy, overcast night. The wind was blowing and it was going to storm. Khadijah and her three young children were sitting on an old worn carpet in their room Khadijah looked out the window often, trying not to draw her children’s attention. She was worried that the storm would break before her husband arrived. Finally, hearing the key turn in the lock, she quickly got up, telling her children to go welcome their father.

“Oh mother”, said the youngest child, “Has he brought us food?” She gently scolded him, saying, “This is not important. Don’t ask him this question.” The children ran towards their father and, although she was upset, Khadijah, too, greeted him with a smile. Her husband had brought a few pieces of bread and cheese, which he handed to his wife. She soon served the simple meal on plates that had lost their colour through long use.

Khadijah spoke cheerfully while they ate and later the children slept, dreaming of sweets, toys and games. Their parents sat quietly for a while.

“So this year is about to end,” Khadijah’s husband, Hassan, said bitterly, “And I still haven’t found a job. We have spent our savings and sold what we could of our furniture. We have nothing left with which to fight our hunger.”

His wife replied, “We still have faith and determination, which are the keys to all which is good and brings happiness.”

“What good thing or happiness has our faith brought us? Our children are wearing torn clothes and are hungry. It is this very faith that has made life difficult for us, and it is guidance, which has led us to poverty! In the past we were living in luxury…”

Khadijah interrupted her husband, asking, “What kind of luxury was it? Since when has gambling been a way of providing for one’s family! Allah has said that gambling is forbidden to Muslims. How could we have been happy knowing that the food we ate and the clothes we wore would send us to the Fire in the Hereafter? Our gain caused others to go hungry and naked!

“Yes, Khadijah,” Hassan said. “I know you are right. For these very reasons I gave up gambling, but it has brought us nothing. I thank you for helping me out of that bottomless pit. All praise belongs to Allah for His guidance. Still, poverty is bitter and the shamefulness of being needy is almost unbearable.”

Upon hearing these words, Khadijah consoled him saying, “Oh Hassan, it is only temporary. Allah says that with every difficulty comes relief. The life of the Hereafter is the real and endless one. We still have hope. This future, everlasting life is the one we should care about and make ready with good deeds. Don’t regret what has passed; instead, thank I Allah for possessing the means of obtaining His forgiveness. Happiness belongs to those who are patient while facing hardships and avoid disobeying Allah.”

“Oh Khadijah, I am not without hope, but I’m afraid that Satan will cause me to sin- then I will fall and lose everything.”

“I still have my gold wedding ring,” his wife said.

“Tomorrow I shall sell it and we will have money for a while. Almighty Allah will help us. Be confident that you will find a job, with Allah’s help. Allah doesn’t leave those who worship Him without hope of His compassion. You will surely see how the future will brighten for you, and how generous Allah is to those who believe.”

With a sigh, her husband replied,” If you think so, I will believe you but what is the wisdom behind our hardship?”

“Oh, Hassan!” She cried. ” Don’t you know the Qur’anic verse: “And we will most certainly test you with what you fear, and hunger, and loss of property and lives. Therefore, give good news to the patient?”

“But when will this hardship end?” he asked.

“As soon as we pass our test successfully,” she replied. “Through patience, prayer, and avoiding sinful ways of getting money, we shall succeed.”

At this point, the couple stopped talking and fell asleep, putting their trust in Allah. At dawn they awoke for their morning prayers. Afterwards, Khadijah began preparing breakfast and her husband sat down to recite some suras from the Qur’an. When the children woke up, their mother poured tea for them. One of the children asked for bread. He said,  “My friend and his brothers have. eggs and butter every morning.”

His mother, feeling great pain in her heart, smiled, kissed him and said, “‘Tomorrow, by Allah’s will, you will have whatever you like.”

The child innocently asked, “Why do you say: ‘By Allah’s will’?”

“Because,” she replied, “It is Allah Who gives us everything and helps us to do our work. Without His will, we can’t even breathe.”

“Mother, does that mean Allah will give us eggs and bread for breakfast?”

“Yes, my son. By the will of Allah it will happen.” The father listened to his wife. He was greatly surprised by her strong faith. He began to feel hopeful and confident. He started talking with his children about the days to come and how Allah would help him to find a good job. Then he would buy whatever sweets and fruits they like. Then there was a knock at the door. Wondering whom it could be at such an early hour, Hassan went to find out. When he returned, his face was shining with happiness. Upon seeing this, his wife said, “Hassan, I feel our test is over.”

In a voice choking with emotion, he replied. “Yes, my dear wife, Allah, the Exalted, has ended our test. Praise to Allah, it has happened with your patience, efforts and faith. There is a hadith which says: ‘A good woman is better than 1000 men’ Our hardship is finished by the grace of Allah and your strong faith.”

“Was it the messenger of Hajj Sahib?”

“No, it was Hajj Sahib himself. He said that he had been looking for someone to manage his business and heard about our situation and my past experience. Allah used him as the way to save us from despair and to give us hope, as Allah promised to the patient believers. Hajj Sahib said to me, ‘You are now cleaner and purer than all of us. You are now as one newly born.’”




46 Responses to “DETERMINATION”

  1. Cikgu Ain Says:

    a really touching story. i wonder i will be as strong as them… With God’s will i guess…

    • kashieca Says:

      very inspiring!!!!
      hopi i will have that kind of strong faith too~

    • sundas Says:

      interesting…quite motivating story

      • Reader Says:

        not just quite motivating…it’s a very very motivating story

    • rosie Says:

      quite interestin n inspiring but long!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. sathish Says:

    really nice……people have to believe god and should have hope in life. the remarkable thing is………….Hassan deserves that job. really it was a nice story

  3. Karodia Says:

    such a warming story. People should learn from this story and never become despondent. Remember Allah tests those that he loves.

  4. Ayesha Karodia Says:

    What a lovely story. It has many morals to learn. People should learn from this story and be grateful for what Allah has given them because HE could change their situation in a day. You could become a poor person.

    • MIRZA A S Says:

      Yes You are true

    • sundas Says:

      exactly every thing that comes to you is blessing from should welcome that…be thankful to Allah all the time because u never predict next moment of your life

  5. Mariam Karodia Says:

    Gambling is haraam and remember haraam is always tempting but the right path is always harder but better and safer. Allah will reward you for your patience.

  6. Zainub Karodia Says:

    Its always good not to gamble and mot to do haraam things. Its not good to be impatient with what Allah has willed for you. Just be patient. Be good muslims.

  7. Zainab Says:

    it is a heart-touching n nice story
    I hope everyone including me learns a lot from it.

  8. pinky Says:

    it really inspired me a lot i liked it a lot

  9. Mirza S Husain Says:

    Mashallah .A very touching story
    Allah (swt) has truly said in Qoran:
    Innamal yusra ba’dal usr.
    After every hardship is easiness.
    Tawakkal , patience , steadfastness is sign of a momin as ALLAH (swt) tests every person in his life & if he remains steadfast he is succesful as it is sign of momin to have patience in test & trials as happiness & easiness also follow after difficulties.

  10. irfan siddiqui Says:

    a nice story that i expact from this site. very beautiful words used and very polite manner have been adopted by khadija. but at the end i just surprised about the entry of hajj sahib and about his words that ‘’You are now cleaner and purer than all of us. You are now as one newly born”. how could he know that Allah has purified all of sin of hassan and he has passed his test, this is some thing that i need not to be included in such a great story. no matter this story is great and bears a very powerful massege for us.

  11. wren Says:

    who was the author of the story titled “Determination”?

  12. MoralsandEthics Says:

    Author of this short story is Martyr BINT AL-HUDA

  13. samantha Says:

    really nice brought me 2 tears

  14. imam ahmed zubair Says:

    I certainly enjoyed reading this inspiring story. Apparently, we should remain steadfast and have greater faith in Allah ,for with Him, nothing is impossible. I intend to use this story in my class lesson for the younger chaps.

  15. imam ahmed zubair Says:

    A wonderful story worth relating to all and sundry. May God Bless the author of the article.

  16. Saritha Says:

    Mashaallah, Alhamdullilah.Thanks to the writer,may almighty bless him and his family.Its true we should never loose our faith in Allah(S.W.T).He alone can help us.

  17. DHARAMVEER Says:

    the story creates our faith in GOD and makes us hope ful

  18. Saurabh Says:

    Good one brother-this is the place to learn gud deeds n to be loving wth everyone bcoz in reality GOD Is just another name of love.

  19. ashmita Says:

    really a good inspiring story.

  20. ashmita Says:

    this story teaches a good and moral lesson to everyone

  21. Moiz Says:

    Indeed its amazing..I believe in Allah…trust him and have faith in Him …..Allah pls give us courage to overcome obstacles in life…ameeen

  22. Extended Stay Inn Says:

    Hello.This article was really remarkable, particularly since I was looking for thoughts on this matter last Monday.

  23. jersey city exterminator Says:

    Excellent share it is actually. We have been looking for this information.

  24. self esteem Says:

    Awesome post it is surely. Friend on mine has been seeking for this content.

  25. jesan Says:

    it can convince people that if you have a determination, god will help you everything…it’s a nice story…

  26. likitha Says:

    dis story z really an inspiring one…….

  27. Complete Review Of Senukex Service Says:

    Right after study some with the content material within your web web site now, and i also really a lot like your technique of blogging. I bookmarked it to my bookmark web web site list and will also be checking back soon. Pls take a appear at my internet site as properly and told me what you believe.

  28. samad Says:

    The kids mother is right.Satan is always tricking us.

  29. Samad Says:

    Indeed be nice to other people.

  30. pankaj rana Says:

    this story tell us that easy to give up things .very diffult to bear it.

  31. annie Says:

    can you give the summary of this short story? thanks.

  32. shahjahaan Says:

    tears come to my eyes….

  33. Mira Al-Kurdi Says:

    A very faithful story ,I guarantee it will help any one who reads it :_)

  34. ANKIT Says:


  35. Danish Malik Says:

    Very good, interesting, Faith-increasing and energetic story..!!!

  36. kamruddinkhan Says:

    people have to determine things in there life

  37. Ruby Brar Says:

    Great store 🙂

  38. Ruby Brar Says:

    This story is motivating

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