Hazrat Ali (a.s) Instruction

(72) Mohammed bin Ibrahim bin Ishaq related to me from Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Saeed al-Hamadani from al-Hasan bin al-Qasim from Ali bin Ibrahim bin al-Mu’alla from Abu Abdullah Mohammed bin Khalid from Abdullah bin Bakr al-Muradi from Musa bin Ja’far (Imam al-Kadhim) from his father from his father from Ali bin al-Hussein that his father (a) said:

One day, Amir ul-Mu’minin was mobilizing his companions when an old man, whose face was pale out of traveling, approached and asked: “Where is Amir ul-Mu’minin?” “Here he is,” some answered (as they pointed to Imam Ali).
The old man moved toward him, greeted him, and said: “O Amir ul-Mu’minin, I have come to you from Syria in spite of my old age because I have heard about you such innumerable virtues. I see you will be assassinated. I wish you would instruct me with items that Allah has conveyed to you.”

Imam Ali (a) said:

Yes, old man. He whose two days are moderate is wronged. He whose main concern is the worldly pleasures will suffer great regret for their departure. He whose day to come is eviler than his present day is surely deprived. He who does not care for whatever reduces from his world to come as long as his worldly life will not be influenced is surely perishing. He who does not pay attention to the defects of his own personality is overcome by passions. Death is surely better for those who are moving to the abyss.
O Old man, this world is sweet and green. It has its own people. The world to come is also has its own people whose
selves are too lofty to compete with the people of this world. They neither contend with each other for gaining the worldly pleasures, nor do they feel happy for its fertility, nor do they feel sad for its misery.
O Old man, he who anticipates sudden shocks will hardly sleep. Nights and days are very quick in one’s age. Hence, control your tongue and say nothing but the good.
O Old man, you should like for people all that which you like for yourself and treat them in the same way you want them to treat you.

Imam Ali (a) then turned to his companions and said:

O people, do you not see that people in this world encountering a great variety of conditions whenever they enter into evening or morning? They are either a victim that writhes (out of pain), a visitor of a sick, a person that is visited in his ailment, a person that is dying, a person that is not expected to live any longer, or a (dead) person that is laid out. The seekers of this world are chased by death, and the negligent are not ignored. The present ones will surely face the same fate of the past ones.[1]
Taken from Al-Mawaaiz by Shaik as Saduq

[1] Refer to Men la Yahdhuruh ul-Faqih; 4:382 H.5833, As-Saduq’s al-Amali; 321-2 H.4, Bihar ul-Anwar; 77:371 H.1 and 79:301 H.10.


Zaid bin Sawhan al-Abdi asked and Amir ul-Mu’minin answered:

–          O Amir ul-Mu’minin, what is the most powerful and influential authority?

–          It is death.

–          What is the most degrading humility?

–          It is care for the worldly pleasures.

–          What is the harshest poverty?

–          It is apostasy after faith.

–          What is the most aberrant advocacy?

–          It is the advocacy to the impossible.

–          What is the best deed?

–          It is God-fearing.

–          What is the most successful deed?

–          It is to seek for that which is in the possession of Allah, Powerful and Majestic is He.

–          Who is the evilest companion?

–          The evilest companion is that who encourages you to commit acts of disobedience to Allah.

–          Who is the unhappiest of people?

–          The unhappiest of people is he who sold his religion with the worldly life of others.

–          Who is the most powerful of people?

–          The most powerful of people is the self-possessed.

–          Who is the stingiest of people?

–          The stingiest of people is he who seizes estates unlawfully and spends them unduly.

–          Who is the most courteous of people?

–          The most courteous of people is he who inclined to the right guidance after he had discriminated it from the wrong way.

–          Who is the most clement of people?

–          The clement of people is he who never becomes angry.

–          Who is the most resolute?

–          The most resolute is he who is not deceived by people in regard to his personality and is not deceived by this world and its seductive matters.

–          Who is the most foolish?

–          The most foolish is he who is deceived by this world although he is noticing the changeability of its conditions.

–          Who is the most regretful?

–          The most regretful is he who is deprived of this world as well as the world to come. This is surely the clear loss.

–          Who is the blindest?

–          The blindest is he who desired for gaining the rewards of Allah through acts that he had practiced for something other than the cause of Allah.

–          What is the best sort of satisfaction?

–          It is the satisfaction with that which Allah has given.

–          What is the most shattering misfortune?

–          It is the misfortune of the religion.

–          What is the most favorable deed to Allah?

–          It is to expect the Relief.

–          Who are the best people in the sight of Allah?

–          They are the most careful about Allah, the most observant of God-fearing, and the most abstinent in the worldly pleasures.

–          What is the most favorable utterance in the sight of Allah?

–          It is the frequent reference to Him and the reverential supplication to Him.

–          What is the most truthful wording?

–          It is the confession that there is no god but Allah.

–          What is the greatest deed in the sight of Allah?

–          It is the submission (to Him) and piety.

–          Who is the most truthful of people?

–          It is he who resists in battles.

Imam Ali (a) then turned to the old man and said:

O Old man, Allah has created some people and made the worldly affairs difficult for them. He has also induced them to abstain from the worldly pleasures and transitory wreckage. They desired from the Abode of Peace to which Allah has called them, stood the harsh livelihood and the misfortunes, and longed for the honor that is found with Allah, Powerful and Majestic is He. They therefore sacrificed themselves for the sake of Allah’s satisfaction and ended their deeds with martyrdom to meet Allah Who will be pleased with them. As they recognized that death was inevitable for the past ones as well as the present ones, they took along provisions, not gold and silver, for their lives to come, wore tough clothes, advanced charity, and loved and hated for the sake of Allah. These are surely the lanterns and people of bliss and peace in the world to come.

The old man commented: “Where should I go and how should I leave Paradise while I can see it and its people with you, Amir ul-Mu’minin? Equip me with weapons by which I can fight against your enemy.”

Hence, Imam Ali (a) equipped him with weapons and prepared a horse for him. He went on fighting in front of Amir ul-Mu’minin so bravely, and the Imam was highly admired by his fight. As the war attained its climax, the old man was advancing with his horse until he was killed. One of the companions of Amir ul-Mu’minin traced him. He found him killed and found his horse and sword still in his hand.

When the war was over, the horse and sword of the old man was put before Amir ul-Mu’minin (a) who prayed for his body and said: “This is, by Allah, the true happy. Seek Allah’s mercy for your brother.” [1]
Taken from Al-Mawaaiz by Shaik as Saduq



 [1] Refer to Men La Yahdhuruh ul-Faqih; 4:382 H. 5833, al-Amali; Sheikh As-Saduq 322, H.4, Me’aani al-Akhbar; 197 H.4, al-Amali; At-Tusi 434, H.947, al-Ghayat; 66, Tanbih ul-Khawattir; 2:173, Bihar ul-Anwar; 77:376 H.1


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