I can’t see Allah with my eyes!

Once there was a farmer who was a very good man. He

worked hard on his farm and prayed salaa (namaz) on time

every day.

One day he saw a sick man lying on the roadside. He helped

him up and took him home to look after him.

The next morning when the farmer woke up to pray salaa

he woke up his guest who said he did not want to pray.

The man said that he could not see Allah so how could he

pray to One whom he could not see. The farmer did not say


The next day the man was feeling better and wanted to go

home. The farmer walked with him across the fields.

Suddenly they saw footprints. The man told the farmer

that they were the footprints of a tiger.

“I don’t believe that ! ” said the farmer . “I can’t see a

tiger here !”

The man looked surprised and said “Are these footprints

not enough to tell you that a tiger was here?”

The farmer said, “Dear brother! When you saw the

footprints you believed that a tiger had passed here; so

are not the moon, the sun, the flowers, and the trees

enough to make you believe that there must be One who

made them?”

The man thought for a while and said, “You are right ! We

cannot see Allah with our eyes but we can understand from

the things he has made that He exists.”

Small & Big Sins

Two men came to Imam Ja’fer As-Sadiq (A.S.) and said

that they would like to do Tawba (ask for forgiveness and

put right) for their sins.

The first man said that he had done a lot of small sins

whilst the second said that he had committed two big sins.

Imam told the first man to pick one small pebble for each

small sin that he had committed.

He told the second man to bring a large boulder for each of

his big sins.

After a while both men came back to Imam having brought

what they were asked to bring.

Imam now asked both of them to put back every stone in

it’s place.

The man with the two large boulders found it difficult to

carry them back in their original place but eventually he


The man with the many small pebbles could not remember

where he had picked all of them so he could not put them

all back in their original place.

It is very difficult to do Tawba for the sins which seem

small because we forget and take them for granted.

Imam Ali (A.S.) has said:

“The biggest sin is that which the doer considers the


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