Event of Kerbala


 A Very nice animation for children/Kids that narrates the events around the tragedy of Karbala and the sacrifice of Imam Hussein (A.S.).


The animation is in Arabic, however, a Teacher at As-Sadiq Islamic School along with Respected Alim, Hujjatul Islam Wal Muslimeen Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi have translated much of the dialogue into English for an English speaking audience to follow along.

The English narrative is available here.

 Also you can find similar kind of Islamic Animation on here

>> http://fadak.org/flash/flash.htm

You can watch movies on Karbal from here >> Movies on Kerbala

If you want to read about the event of Kerbala

>> Maqtal- By Abu Mikhnaf

Story of KARBAL can be downloaded from the below link:


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