A Butterfly’s Lesson

Nice Lesson from the Butterfly

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81 Responses to “A Butterfly’s Lesson”


    a fantastic work , may Allah reward you for this and give you more strength to continue these services

    • mp Says:

      Presetation really matters…an excellent view with an excellent presentation.

    • Ivanka Weerakkody Says:

      awesome presentation!!!!!!!!!

  2. MANI Says:

    moral story is very fantastic story & knowledgeable story.

  3. Nalinikanth Says:

    very nice

  4. Arpita Says:

    I am not getting even a single good moral story on this site.This site is useless.I will naver return to this page.

    • jenny Says:

      kah wik wui
      angam ogobshanga

      • rajshree verma Says:

        what the hell is this put high quality of fuse in your mind ,eat loads of almonds that would be better for you and people like you dont know the meaning of positive.jab nazaria nahi hai nazar kis kam ki ,aap se toh mukh badhir log aache hai.kholna mat kabhi is site ko insult mat karna iss site ki.

        • mp Says:

          apna apn nazariya hai Rajshree..jis chshme ko pahan kar ye site dekha hai..bus us chashme per jami dhool saaf kar lo…take care..

        • Kunwar Ajeet Singh Baghel Says:

          good reply

        • regent antique Says:

          ha ha ha kya nazariya hai…….

      • rajshree verma Says:

        jenny this is not for you its for arpita

    • Kunwar Ajeet Singh Baghel Says:

      my dear frnd I think you misunderstood the meaning of moral u might be searching for something else in this blog.
      few morals for u:-
      1. never make any wrong advertisement about any body
      2. talk like grown ups
      3. before posting any comments first read what r u about to post
      any more if u need any other kind of moral ask here i ll i ll send it to u via mail free of charge.

  5. moralsandethics Says:

    Hi Arpita,

    You are only one person which has posted a negative comment on this Blog. If ever any thing is not good I happy to hear from all of you guys but with some explaination and reason. Just buy saying that this site does’nt has any single moral story is itslef useless because it is as you are lying in front of every one. You can see that this blog has more than 100 stores & it has more than 200 comments which gives witness that posts & stories on this blogs are good enough for one who has a an IQ of understanding good & bad.

    I would suggest you should contact some good Doctor who can Help you to set up your mind in good way & think positive.


    • abdulrahman Says:

      please continue the good work

      thank you!

    • Salim Hussain Says:

      I like the site and the content thought not gone through all of the content….i read the visitors comments and your replies to some of the comments.. but it seems there are more than one persons to reply the comments as i am sure the reply above to Arpita doesnt match with all others .. as this one is absloutely wrong way to reply to a person especially a non moslem… this will reflect a very bad impression. please apoligize and reply with politeness & gracessness which is the benchmark of this site.. May Allah increase your Taufiq… Thanks for this wonderful site..

    • rajshree verma Says:

      You are right moralsandethics

    • A.D.S. Says:


      its really shameful to read your reply to Arpita — as you are propagating moral stories here and do not fallows the principle of acceptance –bcz some one commented negative about you — so anger took over you — and you went to such a low to comment — to advice that person to visit doctor for mental health — shame on you — you are just like talking parrot –who do not know what he is blogging or propagating — think and correct your mistake — if you found it mistake or ego

    • JUNITA Says:


  6. ranjan Says:

    Excellent moral stories from nature. Gives courage, hope and something to think about. One may not understand the present, until it has presented itself fully for the lessons are tools to be used in future circumstances.

    Keep up spreading good news of hope. Help us to learn the lessons and forget the hurt while moving forward. There is enough bad around us and we do not have to be agents of bad news.

    more power! Let’s be a butterfly and pollinate the world with goodness while carrrying the scent of fresh air and nectar of energy that fuels new life.

  7. kupal Says:

    la wenta

  8. gulzar Says:

    a fantastic lesson for thinking people

  9. Shasha Says:

    this moral stories are very interesting.they teach me to be always good and polite

  10. mary Says:


  11. Miss Ratohre Says:

    I m inspired…..its make people think …good one

  12. shreta Says:

    beautiful stories!!!!

  13. Ryan Says:

    Truly inspiring…

    Great work bro…keep it up.

  14. sal Says:

    it is nice story , I like it

  15. shallu Says:

    excellent idea of being strong and getting prepared for life.


  16. thirumalesh M Says:

    this is my first entry for this site. really it is amazing. wonderful work you are doing please go ahead keeping aside the comments from people like sister arpitha who have given a negative comment

    thanking you
    Deputy director of Agriculture, shimoga, Karnataka, India

  17. rosetta Says:

    nice work!

  18. pinky Says:

    really a wonderful story which i liked the most. i always say to god that u always give me problems but by reading this i understood my mistakes

  19. Sean Francis Says:

    It was a fabulous moral story of self achievement.

  20. sangeetha Says:

    obstacles in life

  21. Leyan Says:

    Hi! I love your site! Keep it up and continue reaching out to many people who may need an inspiration. God bless!

  22. ayu Says:

    a very good story .. very inspiring hearts ..
    thanks for the story ..

  23. ultra violet Says:

    amazing!good story im very inspired

  24. onyok Says:

    jai ho

  25. mina Says:

    i dn know the method how to read the story here….kindly send me in my email adrs butterfly story….plz reply must

  26. MoralsandEthics Says:

    You have to just click on the link ” A Butterfly’s Lesson ” from this post & it will download the Moral story powerpoint presentation.

  27. hadi Says:

    Salam wa rahmah.
    It’s not only a beautiful story, it teaches us, what we, as a human, sometimes think that we know what is best for us, but we don’t. Truly inspiring
    May i share this story with others?

  28. xxxxxx Says:

    This site is excellent..It rocks in morals..
    Arpitha F**KS

  29. rio Says:

    hmmmm what a story lol jessica says its crap!!!!!!!!

  30. vishwa Deepak Says:

    It is really the truth we should keep in mind, Thanks alot for this. wonderfull…………

  31. shakerakhan Says:

    Hi,i was looking4 some good story with good moral.firsat time i visited ur site its really good.may Allah bless u.and all ur good wills come true.one more thing i was looking some good islamic stories to tell my kids so that they can have good thinking.can u help me please.

    • moralsandethics Says:

      Thanks for your prayers.. there are many islamic moral stories in this blog which you can use for teaching your kids for better & positve thinking

  32. Renuka Says:

    I was looking for something and God led me to this story.I will be using it for my class presentation for our school’s assembly which is done once per term…I am sure that it would reach out to our students and teachers alike!….Thank you

  33. shewta Says:

    It’s good story and give us very good lesson. I want to tell this story my childern then they teach good lesson.

  34. roshini Says:

    thanks you for doing such a nice thing for us may allah help you give you more taufeeq ,give you reward for this & bless you

  35. waris Says:

    great work god bless U and ure supproters
    ignore people who dont undrstand moral as they dont know
    what is the meaning of it

  36. vijay Says:

    where is the storyy ?

  37. ashwini Says:

    i found this site really wonderful and filled with stories true to life…

  38. fhgxjg Says:


  39. The Freedom Thinker Says:

    Great story… Keep up the good work.

  40. kas aslhley Says:

    aku fikir bagus jak tek! duhal eh gila nak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. vaishali Says:

    it is a very realistic story….

  42. kirthanah ragavan Says:

    like stupid story…

  43. shefali Says:

    i hate this site.I will never return to this site.It is useless.

  44. Neelam Says:

    I am really touched by the stories, I love it. Thank You so much. It meant a lot to me…

  45. dev Says:

    oh wat an inspirational story man…………………………………………

  46. dev Says:

    oh wat an inspirational story man…….. i like dis story very much

  47. Akki Says:

    Ultimate work for the mankind ………. He will surely provide u strength to continue to this noble cause

  48. Extended Stay Says:

    I looked on the internet for the topic and found most people will agree with your site.

  49. MALKEET KAUR Says:

    i really like this site a lot. As the material provided on this site really useful and it can change someone’s life style.

  50. Shareef Says:

    Wonderful thought

  51. Many Zelle Says:

    Hallo, i only want to say, I MADE IT! Now i earn 332$ Everyday and it grow. I learned it HERE

  52. Maryumair Says:

    Aslamualikum! it was good… a very persuasive way of conveying the moral lessons

  53. Razieh Says:

    This was a wonderful story but one thing i wanted to suggest is to change the word god to Allah (SWT) 🙂 Great job though! Keep it up!

  54. weight loss news Says:

    Hey that you very much for the report, it was very and educational read! I am going to be again later for positive.

  55. raj Says:

    hi friends
    i had read this story before. i like this story n i try to follow the rules of this story. but the rules went wrong on that person n the boy lost his all confidence in himself. i tried my best to regain his confidence, but unfortunately i failed. whenever i saw the child i felt very bad about myself n for that child.
    what will i do 4 myself to regain myself 4 this situation. please suggest me.

  56. Samad Says:

    Allah will reward you!

  57. aswathy sunil Says:

    what is this ? is this a story? blaa……blaa.fool …………………………………….

  58. shrishesh Says:

    your moral is very good

  59. natasha Says:

    it is a vry good story
    i get d feeling of my friendship

  60. annaikha raju Says:

    awesome stories

  61. Abdul basith Says:

    I am a teacher and searching for a moral story.great! I loved it .I should appreciate the hard work. And regarding the boy who lost confidence ,we can learn a lesson from that happening also. we should wisely think before any act.He could have chosen some other way to gain confidence. There are several ways with so many moral stories.K

  62. Ellimaria Toronto Says:

    Where is the story?

  63. Jackie Chan Says:

    Yo, where is the freakin’ story. This is so stupid…….

  64. UAEmaza Says:

    Great Story..Thanks for sharing

  65. Lesson from a Butterfly | Stories for Muslim Kids Says:

    […] Story and a few Image Credits: (Beware – it is a Shia site –> )https://moralsandethics.wordpress.com/2007/12/26/a-butterfly%e2%80%99s-lesson/ […]

  66. Albert Says:

    Really a good story, recommend every father and mother to teach this sort od stories to their beloved children. I pray this author should be blessed to write many more stuff like this. Looking forward to read many more in future…

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