Seek forgiveness for you

Once, Maalik Ashtar (Commander in cheif of Hazrat Ali [a] ) was passing through the market of Kufah looking very indigent.  He was dressed in coarse canvas apparel and had placed canvas on his head instead of a turban. 

 One of the traders was sitting in his shop when his eyes fell upon Maalik.  He looked at him with contempt and scornfully hurled a lump of earth towards him.  Maalik disregarded him and proceeded on his way.  However, a person who had recognized Malik and had witnessed the incident, reprimanded the trader: 

“Shame on you!  Do you know who you have just humiliated?”

  “No,” replied the trader. 

“He was Maalik Ashtar, Commander in cheif of ‘Ali (a.s.).”  

 A shiver ran through the body of the trader at the thought of the evil deed he had committed. He immediately set off after Maalik in order to offer his apologies.  He noticed that Maalik had entered a mosque where he was engaged in prayers and decided to wait for him.  As soon as Maalik had finished praying, the trader fell at his feet and began kissing them.  Maalik raised him and asked him what he was doing. 

“ I am apologizing for the sin I have committed,” answered the trader.   

Maalik explained, “There is no sin upon you.  By God, I came to the mosque especially to seek forgiveness for you.”

Ref: Muntahal Aa’maal, vol. 1, pg. 212; Majmua’h Warraam Ibn Abi Farraas

Moral: You should have a habbit of forgiving others as it may change the other persons behaviour but if you react in the same manner enimity will take birth and end will be V.Bad


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