Act with Kindness

Once an evil man was slandering Imam Al Baqer After a while he noticed that the Imam was not responding to him at all, so he said: “I’m talking to you!”. So the Imam said in response: “And I am ignoring you”.

Once a follower of Mu’awiyah came to Madina. When he saw our 2nd Imam, Imam Hasan (AS) he started to shout names and use foul language at the Imam (A), because Mu’awiyah had told him horrible things about Imam (A).

The followers of Imam Hasan (A) wanted to punish the man for what he had said but Imam (A) told them to leave him alone.

Imam Hasan (A) then turned to the man and greeted him with “Salaam” after which Imam asked the man if he would like to come to his house for food and a rest as he had just come from a long trip.

When the man saw the Akhlaq of Imam (A), he realised that what Mu’awiyah had told him about the Imam (A) was untrue and he felt very ashamed of how he had spoken.

The man asked Imam (A) for forgiveness. Thereafter, whenever he heard anyone saying anything against Imam Hasan (A) he would correct them.


Never get angry at someone when they are angry – To punish someone who has hurt you, you punish him by being good towards him!

No matter how other people act you should always have perfect akhlaq (manners).

Never believe bad things about other people that you have heard because it may not be true.


4 Responses to “Act with Kindness”

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