Status Of Father

A father and a son were once guests of Amir al-Muminin Ali (A.S.). As they arrived, Amir al-Muminin Ali (A.S.) received them warmly and arranged for their comfortable accommodation. In a room where they were seated, Amir al-Muminin Ali (A.S.) sat opposite to them, engaging them in a friendly conversation. And then it was time for the meal. After food had been served and eaten, Qambar, Amir al-Muminin’s servant, brought a basin and a pitcher full of water for washing the guest’s hands. Amir al-Muminin Ali (A.S.) took the pitcher himself and asked the father to extend his hands so that he would pour the water.”How is it possible that my Amir serves me? It should be other way,” the guest said.

Amir al-Muminin Ali (A.S.) said: “Here is your brother in faith, eager to serve his brother and to earn the pleasure of Allah. Why do you prevent him?”

But the guest hesitated. Finally Amir al-Muminin Ali (A.S.) said: “As your Amir, I request that you allow me the honor of this service.”

And when the guest complied, Amir al-Muminin Ali (A.S.) said: “Let your hands be washed thoroughly. Do not hasten, thinking that I should be relieved of this duty early.”

When it was the son’s turn, Amir al-Muminin Ali (A.S.) instructed his own son Muhammad Ibn Hanafiyyah, to hold the pitcher and wash the guest’s hands. Looking at his son, Amir al-Muminin Ali (A.S.) said:

I washed your father’s hands. My son washed your hands. If your father had not been my guest today, I would have washed your hands myself. But Allah loves to see that when a father and a son are present in a place, the father enjoys a privilege and a priority

In dark cold night

It was a dark, cold night. Imam Sadiq (P.B.U.H.) was walking along carrying a heavy sack. “Where is Imam Sadiq going with this heavy sack?” I said to myself. “In this dark night perhaps he will find himself in danger. It is best for me to walk along with him and guard him.”
I walked quietly along behind Imam Sadiq(P.B.U.H.), but I couldn’t think where he was going or what he was carrying. We walked through a few lanes, and then I heard a noise. It sounded as if Imam’s sack had fallen to the ground. I heard Imam’s voice as he prayed,

“O Lord, help me this dark night to find what I have lost.”

I went closer to the Imam and could just see that the sack which he had been carrying on his back was lying on the ground. Imam was trying with his hands to gather all its contents. I came up to the Imam and greeted him. The Imam returned my greeting and. recognizing my voice, asked me, “Is it you. Mu’alla?”

“Yes, O son of the Prophet” I replied. “Will you let me help you?”

The Imam had been carrying loaves of bread and packets of food, and I helped him gather them and put them back in the sack. When the sack was full I asked him if he would allow me to carry it for him.
“No”, he said. “it is more fitting for me to carry it. My grandfather the H.Prophet (s.a.w) used to say that whoever doesn’t think about the needs of the Muslims is not a Muslim, and that whoever sleeps at night with a full stomach while his neighbors are hungry is not a Muslim.”

Together we walked along until we came to the lodge of “Bani Sa’idah” where many poor people were living. Imam put his load on the ground and, quietly, without awakening anyone, began to distribute the food he had brought. He put the share of each person by the side of his head, and, without any one knowing who it was from, we quietly left.
God tells us in the Quran:
“Give to the poor and distribute from what We have provided you and render them needless, before the Day of Resurrection when you will be sorry for your hoarding of wealth. and you will be faced with a severe chastisement.”

What are the 10 strong things that are stronger than one another

Imam Hasan (a.s.), like all other Imams was granted divine knowledge by Allah (swt) and he demonstrated it right from his childhood.

Once Imam Hasan (a.s.) was asked “What are the 10 strong things that are stronger than one another?” Imam Hasan (a.s.) replied:

Among the strong things is Stone;
Even stronger is the Iron which is used to break Stone;
Even stronger is the Fire which melts Iron;
Even stronger is the Water which extinguishes Fire;
Even stronger are Clouds that carry Water with them;
Even stronger is the Air which floats the Clouds with it;
Even stronger is the Angel who moves the Air;
Even stronger is the Angel who will give Death to the Angel who moves the Air;
Even stronger is the Death which will come upon the Angel of Death; and
Even stronger is the order of Allah (swt) which governs the Death.

Once the ruler of Rome asked Imam Hasan (a.s.): “Which are the creations which were born without a mother and father or Male and Female?” and Imam Hasan (a.s.) replied:

These are 7 creations: Hazrat Adam (a.s.), Hazrat Hawwa (a.s.), the lamb which was sent in place of Hazrat Ismaeel (a.s.), the camel of Hazrat Saleh (a.s.), the serpent of Hazrat Moosa (a.s.), Iblees and the crow that taught the method of burial to Qabeel son of Hazrat Adam (a.s.).

Act with Kindness

Once an evil man was slandering Imam Al Baqer After a while he noticed that the Imam was not responding to him at all, so he said: “I’m talking to you!”. So the Imam said in response: “And I am ignoring you”.

Once a follower of Mu’awiyah came to Madina. When he saw our 2nd Imam, Imam Hasan (AS) he started to shout names and use foul language at the Imam (A), because Mu’awiyah had told him horrible things about Imam (A).

The followers of Imam Hasan (A) wanted to punish the man for what he had said but Imam (A) told them to leave him alone.

Imam Hasan (A) then turned to the man and greeted him with “Salaam” after which Imam asked the man if he would like to come to his house for food and a rest as he had just come from a long trip.

When the man saw the Akhlaq of Imam (A), he realised that what Mu’awiyah had told him about the Imam (A) was untrue and he felt very ashamed of how he had spoken.

The man asked Imam (A) for forgiveness. Thereafter, whenever he heard anyone saying anything against Imam Hasan (A) he would correct them.


Never get angry at someone when they are angry – To punish someone who has hurt you, you punish him by being good towards him!

No matter how other people act you should always have perfect akhlaq (manners).

Never believe bad things about other people that you have heard because it may not be true.

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