A man and his girlfriend were married. It was a large celebration. All of
their friends and family came to see the lovely ceremony and to partake of
the festivities and celebrations. A wonderful time was had by all.

The bride was gorgeous in her white wedding gown and the groom was very
dashing in his black tuxedo. Everyone could tell that the love they had for
each other was true.

A few months later, the wife comes to the husband with a proposal: “I read
in a magazine, a while ago, about how we can strengthen our marriage.” she

“Each of us will write a list of the things that we find a bit annoying with
the other person. Then, we can talk about how we can fix them together and
make our lives happier together.”

The husband agreed. So each of them went to a separate room in the house and
thought of the things that annoyed them about the other. They thought about
this question for the rest of the day and wrote down what they came up with.

The next morning, at the breakfast table, they decided that they would go
over their lists.

“I’ll start,” offered the wife. She took out her list. It had many items on
it. Enough to fill 3 pages, in fact. As she started reading the list of the
little annoyances, she noticed that tears were starting to appear in her
husbands eyes.

“What’s wrong?” she asked. “Nothing” the husband replied, “keep reading your

The wife continued to read until she had read all three pages to her
husband. She neatly placed her list on the table and folded her hands over
top of it.

“Now, you read your list and then we’ll talk about the things on both of our
lists.” She said happily.

Quietly the husband stated, “I don’t have anything on my list. I think that
you are perfect the way that you are. I don’t want you to change anything
for me. You are lovely and wonderful and I wouldn’t want to try and change
anything about you.”

The wife, touched by his honesty and the depth of his love for her and his
acceptance of her, turned her head and wept.

IN LIFE, there are enough times when we are disappointed, depressed and
annoyed. We don’t really have to go looking for them.

We have a wonderful world that is full of beauty, light and promise.

Why waste time in this world looking for the bad, disappointing or annoying
things when we can look around us, and see the wondrous things before us?

I believe that WE ARE HAPPIEST WHEN we see and praise the good and try our
best to forego the mistakes of our spouse Nobody’s perfect but we can find
perfection in them to change the way we see them. It is necessary to
understand the difficulties and be a helping hand to each other….THAT
 No One Is Perfect except The Almighty Allah S.W.T.  


Strength and Courage

It takes strength to be certain,
It takes courage to have doubts.

It takes strength to fit in,
It takes courage to stand out.

It takes strength to share a friend’s pain,
It takes courage to feel your own pain.

It takes strength to hide your own pain,
It takes courage to show it and deal with it.

It takes strength to stand guard,
It takes courage to let down your guard.

It takes strength to conquer,
It takes courage to surrender.

It takes strength to endure abuse,
It takes courage to stop it.

It takes strength to stand alone,
It takes courage to lean on a friend.

It takes strength to love,
It takes courage to beloved.

It takes strength to survive,
It takes courage to live.

“Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice.”

“A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams”

“There are powers inside of you, which, if you could discover and use, would
make of you everything you ever dreamed or imagined you could become.”

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing
it at someone else; you are the one getting burnt.” -Imam Ali A.S.


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