Re-birth of the Eagle

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Good one !!!

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35 Responses to “Re-birth of the Eagle”

  1. lyle davis Says:

    It’s cool, but completely false. This story is actually a modification of an ancient Greek myth. First, the slide show says that the eagle lives the longest of its species, which is true of every animal (since ‘species’ is the most specific taxonomic level). Next, the slides show at least three different species of eagles. The philippine eagle has the longest life span, and none of them live to more than 60 years. Lastly, there is no eagle species that must tear off its feathers or talons or beak. That is ridiculous. The eagle, like all animals, naturally restores its worn parts without needing to think about it.

  2. Celeste Says:

    Thank you to whomsoever posted this….. I recieved the presentation via e-mail a few moments ago, and really could not believe that the eagle or any other animal had to do what they advocate there, and so I started to googal some sort of “fact” about the whole thing. Well short of me finding this bit of info, so far there is nothing else available, maybe an Eagle Expert could quote factually what happans so that we can forward the truth about this on…..

  3. moralsandethics Says:

    Your most wellcome to the Morals and Ethics Blog.

    I agree with you that only an Eagle expert can spot light on the facts about the same.

    But Any way more important was the Moral. It helps you to react when you have 2 choice & what if we decide the right ??

    I hope you will check other presentation too…


  4. Diane Says:

    Myth disguised as facts is both misleading and wrong, no matter how good the moral is (that in itself is debatable – as the presentation seems to be advocating mid-life crisis 🙂 Just my honest opinion 🙂

  5. NWProdigal Says:

    Right on Diane!
    Also anything like this can definitely be used an an excuse to change for selfish reasons as well.

  6. Alam Says:


  7. moralsandethics Says:

    Dear Brother Alam,

    Everyone can veiw this presentation by clicking on the “Read only” button on the right side of the password promt when you open the file. Everyone can access the presentation but in read only mode.

    I hope u understand what I mean

    File is protected due to security reasons.

  8. Randi Says:

    Try this website. He’s posted a lot of eagle myths and this was one of them. He appears to be an eagle expert in his posts.

  9. josh Says:

    hello im bob ilike men

  10. ajs Says:

    Maybe it is only a myth but, in today’s life and times, it would be certainly nice to believe it !
    Stop the wars, stop the fighting, stop using guns, stop killing your neighbour and the children!

    I for one, would still like to believe !.

  11. Tim Says:

    If is about Morals and Ethics, my questions is this: If one knows a lie is a lie, but can find truth within the lie, is it lying to to tell the lie as truth?

    It would have more impact, in my opinion, to find a true story which aptly illustrates a moral than to fabricate one as has been done here. Sharing known falsehoods is tantamount to lying, and choosing to believe it is simply ignorant.

  12. Mike Says:

    First I want to say this is the first time I have stumbled upon this site. Very interesting and commendable.

    Second, I often get email of dubious accuracy forwarded from my “adapted Mom”. I have found that the folks at usually have already debunked it. In this case I offer this link:
    I know it is futile but I make a point sending of sending accurate information back to whoever sends me an urban legend. Most appreciate it – others have stopped forwarding me emails 🙂

    Finally, I have no issue with this fable. Fables and parables are ancient storytelling constructs used to pass religious and moral wisdom. The best ones provide insight no matter whether you are 2 or 102 and telling them seems to be a built in human quality. No my issue – is that it does not start with “Once upon a time”. It doesn’t have the hook to identify itself as a fable and this is why I think it bothers people. Oral storytelling – the source of fables – has thousands of years of tradition on how to tell and listen to a story. Email, radio, TV and our other technological advances have only been around a very short time and the norms are not as established and more complicated than from the oral tradition. I think the storyteller (and aren’t we all) that did the eagle story just didn’t know how to say “Once upon a time” in powerpoint. Or perhaps we didn’t know how to hear it.

  13. Tanisha Says:

    i am so disappopinted was ready to build a sermon around this story but only to check this website and found out it was a myth. Thanks a million

  14. Ankur Says:

    I don’t know to what extent this story is true but it is highly motivational.

  15. Migie ratnayake Says:

    cool site!! is the eagle story true?

  16. Candy darwin Says:

    I was just telling a friend who is going through a bad time about this story and wanted to be sure if its true… oh well… dissapointing!! but could be used to help people, only if it were true!!

  17. Lynns Daughter Says:

    Oh, please. This eagle story is wrong on so many levels I can’t count them. If you send something like this to people trying to make a point, it obscures the point because they’re so busy thinking about how simple you must be.

  18. pattypv Says:

    I think you could still use this as a sermon. Teach people how to use discernment – question things to make sure they are right and true.

    And this myth continues today, in reality shows like Survivor, Extreme Makeover, etc. It’s easy to believe that if you suffer a brief period of hardship you can emerge totally changed.

    But the reality is that change occurs in small increments every day (the way birds continually work, wearing down any overgrown beaks/talons, preening feathers to keep them clean, etc.)

    So there might still be a sermon in there somewhere . . .

  19. TimyPopE Says:

    Well… My invitation to you folks who place a ? mark on the “story” is reminding you “we ALL are BLIND-FOLDED by the ‘reality’ we have build around”… and to see a little bit far —> well WE NEED TO UNLEARN first and RE-LEARN and only then ….

  20. Debra Zager Says:

    Reading comments from 20 or so people doesn’t prove something one way or the other. One reason I have to keep an open mind about the eagle powerpoint is to remember the current resistant mindset about Hybrid cars. I have had one for 2 years and I teach drivers ed and at a recent drivers ed conference I heard “bona fide” so called facts that it is slow, small, dangerous, and powerless. They wouldnt listen to me when I spoke up about how all their facts were lies. So if thinking can become entrenched and unflexible about a new car imagine what the reaction would be to this eagle powerpoint. Or to instantaneous spiritual healing or anything that isnt materialistic status quo. Einstein was a devote anti materialist. His thoughts were on ideas, grand ideas. He said that his visualiztions included riding a beam of light. In Psalms David wrote that thy youth shall be renewed like the eagles. I am sure people debunk Jesus walking on water or in the old testament when they made the sun to stand still for a day. Skepticism is unattractive. Gods ideas need to run and disport themselves…..I am done with this cuz I am going to teach sunday school to first graders,,,,,,”A hui hou”

  21. Brittany Says:

    Right on Debra!!! Comments on this little page doesn’t prove this rebirth on way or the other so for all you who have your minds made up I’d try and keep an open mind… try not to be a know-it-all. its very unattractive and you for sure don’t know-it-all.

  22. gospelradio Says:

    thanx guys,

    i am not an animal expert, so it helped me.

    but it sounded good…….:-(

    what a shermon could be….ah.

  23. Ben van der Walt Says:

    I believe in a great God. I don’t care what the sceptics say. Hear what Psalm 103: 5 says: “Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle’s.”

    I am also not an animal (eagle) expert. But believe you me, I believe what God tells me in his Word! God is no liar.

  24. parminder preet singh Says:

    I was just telling this story to old people and find good asperation to live,& become my old aged friends who were going through a bad time with depression about there own living.Wheather story is true or not but provide a good lesson &…could be used to help depressed people.

  25. shallu Says:

    something stunning to know its a fact that hardly is known hats off to the Master the Creator and u buddies to share it all.

  26. Mike S Says:

    Myths, Legends and Fairy-Tales… This is a beautiful presentation of Life Change. It has certainly inspired me. I laughed when I read an earlier post that stated, “could be used to help people, only if it were true!!”. has anybody tried to approach the Christians with this philosophy?

  27. Gary D. Walker Says:

    A Lie Is A Lie is a Lie. “Thou Shalt Not Lie.” Justifying sending false information in order to teach morality is hypocritical. It gives Christians a bad name, makes them look dishonest, and makes them look silly, guillible, and naiive. Stop It!!! The Internet should be a blessing to us all and should be rife with truth, honesty, and information which we can be confident is accurate and can help improve our lives.

  28. David (Kona) Says:

    I took a look at Ps103:5 today. Googled the phase, read the listings, read the debunking report from, Snopes, and finally found two older interesting references. One more recently by Spurgeon (1834–1892 A.D.), and the other a little further back from Augustine (354–430 A.D.).

    I would suggest that a lie includes the intent to deceive. Calling someone a liar without looking a little deeper is probably not a good idea. The modern presentation did not include the fact Spurgeon (in relatively modern times)referred to this story as a “fable”, and that Augustine simply said, “The eagle, it is said, after it becomes overpowered with age….”

    People who have no time for the Christian Faith may call Spurgeon and Augustine liars. Followers of Christ generally acknowledge them as pillars of the christian faith, and may be a little more understanding of the undocumented steps taken by the modern author. If I had not found Spurgeon’s quote, I may have still been looking for more information that would have lead Augustine to write the way he did 1650 years ago. Then of course, even then it was 1300 years after the life of King David (1037–970 BC). The quotes follow:

    SPURGEON: In his TREASURY OF DAVID (Psa 103:5) he refers to an ANCIENT FABLE:
    Verse 5. Thy youth is renewed like the eagle’s. It is an ancient fable that the eagle is able to renew his youth when very old, and poetical allusion is made to it in this Psalm; but this idea is doubtless founded in reality on the great longevity of the bird, and its power, in common with other birds, of moulting its plumage periodically, and so increasing its strength and activity.

    AUGUSTINE: In his exposition on Psalm 103, Augustine writes (
    8. When shall my longing be satisfied with good things? When, do you ask? Your youth shall be renewed as the eagle’s. Do you then ask when your soul is to be satisfied with good things? When your youth shall be restored. And he adds, as an eagle’s. Something here lies hidden; what however is said of the eagle, we will not pass over silently, since it is not foreign to our purpose to understand it. Let this only be impressed upon our hearts, that it is not said without cause by the Holy Spirit. For it has intimated unto us a sort of resurrection. And indeed the youth of the eagle is restored, but not into immortality, for a similitude has been given, as far as it could be drawn from a thing mortal to signify a thing immortal, not to demonstrate it. The eagle is said, after it becomes overpowered with bodily age, to be incapable of taking food from the immoderate length of its beak, which is always increasing. For after the upper part of its beak, which forms a crook above the lower part, has increased from old age to an immoderate length, the length of this increase will not allow of its opening its mouth, so as to form any interval between the lower beak and the crook above. For unless there be such an opening, it has no power of biting like a forceps, by which to shear off what it may put within its jaws. The upper part therefore increasing, and being too far hooked over, it cannot open its mouth, and take any food. This old age does to it, it is weighed down with the infirmity of age, and becomes too weak from want of power to eat; two causes of infirmity assaulting it, old age, and want. By a natural device, therefore, in order in some measure to restore its youth, the eagle is said to dash and strike against a rock the upper lip of its beak, by the too great increase of which the opening for eating is closed: and by thus rubbing it against the rock, it breaks off the weight of its old beak, which impeded its taking food. It comes to its food, and everything is restored: it will be after its old age like a young eagle; the vigour of all its limbs returns, the lustre of its plumage, the guidance of its wings, it flies aloft as before, a sort of resurrection takes place in it. For this is the object of the similitude, like that of the Moon, which after waning and being apparently intercepted, again is renewed, and becomes full; and signifies to us the resurrection; but when it is full it does not remain so; again it wanes, that the signification may never cease. Thus also what has here been said of the eagle: the eagle is not restored unto immortality, but we are unto eternal life; but the similitude is derived from hence, that the rock takes away from us what hinders us. Presume not therefore on your strength: the firmness of the rock rubs off your old age: for that Rock was Christ. 1 Corinthians 10:4 In Christ our youth shall be restored like that of the eagle….

    So, I have no doubt that modern scientists at the University of Wisconscin Raptor center ( are giving us an accurate report on the life of eagles as they have observed them. But I guess I still need to leave the door open to the observation of King David 3000 years ago, and the comments made by Augustine 1650 years ago, that something is going on regarding renewal of youth. (Note, I did not say anything about eternally renewed youth in this life).

    Anyone else up for looking further into the “Fable”, or possible source of King David’s writing?…. Might be really interesting….

  29. S.R. Says:

    People get carried away, this is simply an inspirational poem. If you are looking for facts DO NOT LOOK IN A POEM! Take it for what it is, just an inspirational poem aimed to encourage people to welcome change, which can at times be hard for some…

  30. Gary Walker Says:

    Misrepresenting facts to teach a story, especially about morals and ethics is hypocritical. Christ did nothing of the kind in his stories and parables.

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