From MOM & DAD

See this nice epresentation about what’s your parents wish……..

 >> From MOM & DAD <<


9 Responses to “From MOM & DAD”

  1. Alam Says:

    kindly remove the password, no one can be benefitted with your presentation if they cant see it.

    kind regards

  2. vishwas Says:

    i will never let tz happen in ma lyf ………………………i will b tr


    it is very ……….so nice……..

  4. Lance Peers Says:

    Try Removing the Password. I would like to see more of your presentations, however not if I have to give passwords

  5. Amit Jani Says:

    i have no words to describe how beautiful it is!!!!!! m speechless after watching it. . .. .

  6. Mike Schuring Says:

    Hi, my friends, I like your article

  7. Stuart Meabon Says:

    I actually quite simply want to say thank you to you for the great report. I am completely new to blog site idea and also have definitely acquired alot via all you have done on this page. I personally in particular like the theme applied not to mention specifically how you organised all of your content. I am also absoluterly certain you happen to be very busy, therefore , I’m definitely not going to ask of you very specific questions related to exactly how you have done this, actually Now i am certainly going to bookmark it and study those things that you do. I really think We will share this with a a number of good friends and see if and they can possibly incorporate a little insite as to all of the options chosen here. Once more , very well done. Definitely is uplifting to discover some truly premium work out there from individuals that clearly put plenty of intelligent attention behind their actions. With thanks as before, be well! Looking ahead to far more of the same. PS – sorry the sentence structure is not better, I write the best I can to express myself, but my sincerity is the real thing.

  8. William Yaws Says:

    Well this is a great post! Congratulations admin…I wait for other posts. 😀

  9. friv Says:

    I’m sending my ds to a public Catholic school (we have a separate publicly-funded Catholic school system here). I get the Catholic instruction without the tuition fees. I really just chose it because we’re in the district and none of the 3 schools in my area really stand out anyway (It’s a low-income area and private school is out of the question on our income). I figure, whatever’s lacking, can be provided outside of school. I don’t think being in a Catholic school will close his eyes to diversity of cultures and religion. I attended Catholic schools almost exclusively and don’t recall ever not being aware of all the different beliefs out there. Our society is just too multicultural for that (I’d have to keep my kids locked up at home and at school for them to not notice).

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