Islam and Environment

Hope this post finds you in happy times.You might be aware that climate experts have issued a definitive warning in Paris early this month on the subject of climate change.

Global Warming

The study is the latest of a series of major reports warning of the impact of global warming based on research from 2,500 scientists from more than 130 countries except 2 Americans. (Could have been paid) 

The report stated that 11 out of the past 12 years have ranked amongst some of the warmest on record. It further stated that 80% of the global warmth was absorbed by the oceans, which in turn is causing the polar ice to melt and raise the world’s sea level. The report forecasts that global temperatures will raise 3 to 7 degrees Fahrenheit by 2100 and the oceans sea levels will increase between 7 to 23 inches by the end of the century.

We believe Islam has an answer to the issues facing our planet.

We are responsible for what we do and what is now happening.Also if this continues then the future genration will be in a Big problem & for that ONly we will be responsible. If we want to Help them then we should change ourselves on wasting the bounties of Almighty.

In this background, please find attached a presentation on the solution to climate change.

You can download the presentation from here



11 Responses to “Islam and Environment”

  1. sanaullah Says:

    i am intrested to see ppt files

  2. MoralsandEthics Says:

    It is already there. You can download it from this apge itself. Name of the file is islamandtheenvironment.pps. Link is on the Last line.

  3. Mehaboob.M Says:

    the fantastic appreciation.

    Please aloow me the password for copying

  4. Adnan Says:

    PPT is DRM protected … how can I get non-drm protected version?

  5. zuhairli Says:

    not need password for copy.
    click right button and click “new”

  6. zuhairli Says:

    not need password for copy.
    not protected.
    pls click right button and click “new”

  7. zobair sidic Says:


  8. zobair sidic Says:

    ihwani feed deen, can you help me to some files. do i need to have password?

  9. Nur Says:

    The presentation is very comprehensive and well-explained. It is a job well-done indeed. May I have the permission to use this slide in my presentation? We have an upcoming dinner event in our community with the theme “Go Green”. We would like to address the issues from Islamic point of view. This slideshow will be the best tool for us. Thank you for sharing it with everyone. May Allah bestow you with a thousand times reward. Ameen.

    Nur, Birmingham AL.

    • moralsandethics Says:

      I am not the author hence I can’t say about it but I think if it doesn’t have have any copyrights then u can use it Or contact the perosn if any contact details available in pps.

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