Rauze Hazrat Abbas (a.s)

This file contains the images of Rauze Hazrat Abbas (a.s).

 You may download it & fwd to others.


Please pray for the one who hasfwd the images

Iltemase Dua


7 Responses to “Rauze Hazrat Abbas (a.s)”

  1. syeda Says:

    lafz likhta hu tou ehsas likha jata hai
    darya likhta hu pyas likha jata hai
    aisa wakif hai zameer mera mere kalam se
    wafa likhta hu tou ABBAS likha jata hai


  2. hyder ibn alle raza Says:

    Great God you have made me so lucky that Hazrat Abbas is a part of my life !! A person as such is a great pride and a supurd example.. thank you Great God for having made such wonderful people… Hopefully I wil visit the shrine one day.
    The fact that such a person has existed and performed such deeds is evidence of your existence.. Thank you Allah.

  3. hyder ibn alle raza Says:

    Syeda may God bles you with the beautiful words you have left for me to read.. thank you ,..you forced out my tears.you wrote it on march 12 4:30 pm.. Hyder Raza Rizvi..

  4. Fizza Hussain Says:

    Syeda its so wonderful

  5. khadimhusain Says:

    Assalaam brilliant words about alamdar Abbas Gazi
    Syeda briliant

  6. Syed Ali Adnan Jafri Says:


    A very awsome work,,Mola salamat rakhain,

  7. Abid Ali Says:

    Aay Babe Hawaegh mery taugeer barha day
    Abbas Katay Hathon say taqdeer bana day

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