Then the Holy Prophet asked the idol-worshippers why they worshipped the idols instead of the one Almighty God.

They said: “We seek to be nearer to God through these idols.”

The Holy Prophet: “Do these idols hear? Are they pious and obedient servants of God?

How can you seek nearness to God through them ? ”

Idol-worshippers: “No. They do not hear.”

Holy Prophet: “And the fact is that you have carved these idols by your own hands. So, if these had ability to worship, it was incumbent upon them to worship you (because you are their creator) not that you should worship them.

“Moreover, God has never allowed you to worship idols (so how can you be nearer to God through these idols, without any authority from God?).”

On hearing this argument, the idol-worshippers split into three groups:-

One group said: “These are the images of those persons in whom God was incarnated.

Thus we worship God by worshipping the images of those persons who were incarnation of God. ”

The Holy Prophet said:-

1. ” Your belief that God was incarnated in anybody is absolutely wrong because you have made the Creator like His creatures. Don’t you see that God cannot be incarnated in anything unless that thing surrounds God. (But how can anything surround God?)

2. “Also what will be the difference between God and other things which are found in a body (like colour, taste, smell, hardness or softness, heaviness or lightness). All these things are found in other things, and have no independent existence. Is God also like this?

3. “Lastly, when you attribute to God a quality (incarnation) which is the quality of a transient (of a thing which was created after non-existence), then why not believe that all qualities of a transient are found in Him. I mean, you must also believe that God changes and deteriorates and dies, because the body of His supposed incarnation changes and deteriorates and dies. It is impossible for the content not to change with the changes of the receptacle!

“All these considerations prove that it is impossible for God to be incarnated in any body.

“And when incarnation is wrong, there remains no basis for your belief that God was incarnated in some of His creatures and that these idols are the image of such persons.”

The second group said that those idols were the images of those of past generations who were very obedient to God. “We carved their images and worship them with a view to glorify God through their worship.”

The Holy Prophet asked them: “Pray tell me what kind of worship have you saved for Almighty God, when you are worshipping these images by prostrating before them, praying to them, and putting your head before them?

“Don’t you know that it is the right of God that He should not be thought equal to His servant? If you honour a King in the same way as you honour his servant, will not it be an insult to the King? ”

Idol-worshippers: “Yes. It is true.”

The Holy Prophet: “Then, don’t you realize that by worshipping the images of the creatures, you are insulting the Creator ? ”

The last group said: “God created Adam and ordered the angels to prostrate before him.

We are more deserving to prostrate before Adam (because we are his children). As Adam is not alive today, we have carved his image to prostrate before it and to seek nearness to God through that worship.”

The Holy Prophet told them: “Accepted that God ordered the angels to prostrate before Adam. But has He ordered you to prostrate before the image of Adam? Adam and his image are not one and same thing. How are you sure that God is not displeased with your prostration before Adam’s image ?

“Look at it in this way. If a man allows you to enter his house one day, do you have any right to enter that house next day? Or to enter his other house the same day ?

“If a man gives you a gift of one of his clothes, or one of his horses, are you justified in taking it?”

Idol-worshippers: “Yes, we will take it.”

The Holy Prophet: “If you don’t accept that cloth or horse, do you halve any right to take his other cloth or horse without his permission ? ”

Idol-worshippers: “No. Because he had gifted the first cloth or horse, but not the other.”

The Holy Prophet: “Who has more right that his property should not be used without his permission: God or His creatures?”

Idol-worshippers: “God has more right that His property should not be infringed upon.”

The Holy Prophet: “Then why are you contravening this principle? When and where has God allowed you to worship the idols?”

After some consideration, all of them became Muslim.

10 Responses to “UNITY VS. IDOL-WORSHIP”

  1. unknown Says:

    When God is everywhere , how can God not stay in a stone, to which someone tries to give a form of the divine with so much of love and devotion.All that God needs is sincerity and love, where we have it, there we have him, it can either be a holy place with no idol or a holy heart with idol.If god can exist in space, where no one else can exist, he can definitely exist in materials, which are created all by himself.ameen.

  2. unknown Says:

    If God can exist in space where no one else can exist, he can defintely be in a stone which is one of his creations.if God is everywhere, how can he not be there in that stone, that is given a definite form with so much of love and devotion of one of his humans.All that God needs is sincerity, love , devotions and respect , where it exists , God will also exist.Phir chahe woh idol/photo ya khali prayer hall ho.Ameen.

    • moralsandethics Says:

      Who said that GOD exist in space ?? even space itslef is the creation of GOD.
      And as per your Logic if HE can exist in stone which is definite form then HE can exisit in any thing. Why worshiping only stones/idol/Photos ? If we follow your priciple then we should worship each and every thing in the Universe as HE can exisit in any thing Good and Bad.

      God is everywhere does’nt mean HE is inside any thing but HE is by his power.
      Fo eg. A king, for example, is said to be in the whole kingdom by his power, although he is not everywhere present. Again a thing is said to be by its presence in other things which are subject to its inspection; as things in a house are said to be present to anyone, who nevertheless may not be in substance in every part of the house. Lastly, a thing is said to be by way of substance or essence in that place in which its substance may be.

      The characteristics and attributes found in GOD can never be found in His creatures and vice versa. GOD is Pure and Transcendent from all of their attributes and qualifications. Doing so we will limit Him & make him finite in terms of place,
      style, size, form, limit, up, down, color, visage, hands, legs, death, regeneration, reproduction, movement, amnesia.

      We should not only one should render GOD transcendent from the material forms of the world but even the intellectual imaginations and hypotheses as well because the most pure thought of our mind is not GOD. For, human intellect and thought are His creatures and related to the world of creation. They are much lower to encompass GOD. How can the small and finite human mind comprehend His infinite Greatness? If the Human mind succeeds in doing so, He will no longer be infinite and limitless.

      If those words which are used for the creatues, are utilized for GOD, then this similarity is only literal and not conceptual. When it is said that ‘GOD is near to a believer’, then this proximity is not the apparent one or as conceived by our minds. There are many words which are used for GOD as well as for the creatures. This is only due to helplessness and the parity is only in letter for there exists no separate language or literature for GOD. Therefore, we must seek to transcend GOD from every word.

      Point is we should worship Him the way He as asked us to worship not the way we want & we can not limit him to any particular place or time.
      For eg. If the King likes a Coffe and White Colour but you present him with utmost sincerity, love, devotion and respect the Cup of Tea in a Black colour which he doesn’t like and hates it, Will he become happy with your actions & efforts ???

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