It’s NOT My Problem

Please go throgh this story nicely presentated in presentation


6 Responses to “It’s NOT My Problem”

  1. Rehmatullah Says:

    Salaamu Alikum
    Resepcted Religious and co- ordinators are kindly requested to gather all the presentations and
    conferences’s text and most of worthwhile Topics.
    because it plays a key-rule on learning and approaching islam in reall meaning.

  2. Shree Says:

    Good story! Good morale…

  3. mariam sudhakar Says:

    this is a lovely presentation. a reality of todays world.

  4. honhungoc Says:

    its a reality
    thanks for sharing

  5. Sreedevi Says:

    It was really fantastic and the moral was well explained.

    Keep it up the great job ! ! ! !

  6. pradeep Says:

    The way you explained the need to help our team mates is superb. Nice Story…. Good one

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