The Reasons

For everything there is a reason.                             Imam Ali (a.s.) 

[Al-Amidi, Ghurar ul-Hikam wa Durar ul-Kalim, hadith # 7281]

 Click on this link for presentation >> The Reasons <<



4 Responses to “The Reasons”

  1. Alam Says:

    kindly remove passwords from the ppt presentation, no one would be able to see it.


    • hana Says:

      Imam Ali (a.s) means what????
      if it is hadrat Ali its radi allah taala anhu and who is this imama asli, this information seems wrong

      • moralsandethics Says:

        Imam Ali (a.s) is Ali ibn Abu Talib (a.s) : Imam means the leader & (a.s) means “alay his salam” (Peace be upon him). & it’s not the worng but 100% correct information. I think you need to read some books & study the Islamic history.

  2. moralsandethics Says:

    Dear Brother Alam,

    You can veiw this presentation by clicking on the “Read only” button on the right side of the password promt when you open the file.

    File is protected due to security reasons.

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