The True Winner

The Prophet (S.A.W.) was once passing through a street in Madina when he saw some youths engaged in a contest of lifting a heavy stone. The Prophet (S.A.W.) asked if they would like him to be the judge of who was the strongest of them all. They eagerly agreed.

Then the Prophet (S.A.W.) said: “To prove who is the strongest, there is no need to lift the stone. I can say that the strongest person is he who can control his desire to sin. Such a person is surely brave.”

A story is related about Puryaye Vali who is considered a great world champion as well as a symbol of manliness and bravery. Once he visited another country for a wrestling contest with its champion.
In the street he came across an old woman who was offering people sweets as charity and asking them to pray for her son. She approached Puryaye and offered him the sweets. He asked her what they were for.
She said, “My son is a wrestler who is being challenged by a champion from another country. We live on the income he gets from wrestling matches and if he loses this contest we will have nothing to live on.”

Puryaye says he was at cross roads whether to show his strength or manliness at the contest the next day. Although he was far stronger than his opponent he wrestled in such a way as to let his opponent win. He says that at that moment he suddenly felt as though his heart had been opened and he was surrounded with peace.

Imam Ali (A.S.) has said, “The strongest person is he who has conquered his desires.”

“It was I” said the frog

Two geese were about to go south for their annual Autumn migration, when a frog came up to them and asked if they would take him with them. The geese agreed if the frog could work out how he would be carried by them. The frog produced a long stalk of grass, got the two geese to hold each end whilst he clung to it’s middle with his mouth. In this manner the three were making their journey when they were noticed from below by some men.

The men expressed their admiration for the device and wondered who had been clever enough to discover it. As soon as the frog heard them he opened his mouth and said: “It was I!” He lost his hold and fell to the earth.

The Prophet (S.A.W.): “Even if you do not commit any sins, I fear that you may fall into something which is worse: pride! pride!”

The Reasons

For everything there is a reason.                             Imam Ali (a.s.) 

[Al-Amidi, Ghurar ul-Hikam wa Durar ul-Kalim, hadith # 7281]

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Saying NO to an indecent proposal.

A Model In Prophet Yousuf (a.s)

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Creation of God Part 4


 The Signs In Living Things



In the sixth verse of Surah Hud, Allah states that Allah gives the “sustenance” of all living things, that is, Allah creates all the provisions that provide for their subsistence:

There is no creature on the earth which is not dependent upon Allah for its provision. He knows where it lives and where it dies.

They are all in a Clear Book.

(Chapter Hud: Verse : 06)

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    Easy is to judge the mistakes of others

    Difficult is to recognize our own mistakes


    Easy is to talk without thinking

    Difficult is to refrain the tongue


    Easy is to hurt someone who loves us.

    Difficult is to heal the wound…


    Easy is to forgive others

    Difficult is to ask for forgiveness


    Easy is to set rules.

    Difficult is to follow them…


    Easy is to dream every night.

    Difficult is to fight for a dream…


    Easy is to show victory.

    Difficult is to assume defeat with dignity…


    Easy is to admire a full moon.

    Difficult to see the other side…


    Easy is to stumble with a stone.

    Difficult is to get up…


    Easy is to enjoy life every day.

    Difficult to give its real value…


    Easy is to promise something to someone.

    Difficult is to fulfill that promise…

    Easy is to say we love.

    Difficult is to show it every day…

    Easy is to criticize others.

    Difficult is to improve oneself…

    Easy is to make mistakes.

    Difficult is to learn from them…

    Easy is to weep for a lost love.

    Difficult is to take care of it so not to lose it.

    Easy is to think about improving.

    Difficult is to stop thinking it and put it into action…

    Easy is to think bad of others

    Difficult is to give them the benefit of the doubt…

    Easy is to receive

    Difficult is to give

    Easy to read this

    Difficult to follow

    Easy is keep the friendship with words

    Difficult is to keep it with meanings

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