Bahlool and Shaykh Junayd

This one is bit long but is worthwhile! 

Bahlool and Shaykh Junayd Behlool simulated madness, though he was not mad. Junaid a scholar and Sufi of repute, knew him very well. One day as they met, Junaid requested him to give him some counsel and admonition. His students followed him. The Shaykh asked how Bahlool was. They answered, “He is a crazy person, what do you want from him?” 

Shaykh:”I am Junayd Baghdadi. Are you Abul Qasim?” Bahlool: “Yes! Are you Shaykh Baghdadi who gives people spiritual guidance?” 

Shaykh Junaid:”Yes!” He then requested him to give him some advice on life. Bahlool: “You do not need any advice. You are a well known scholar,”  

But Junaid insisted. Behlool gave in and said: “Well, I shall ask you three questions. If you answer them correctly, you will be advised.”   Shaykh Junaid agreed so Bahlool proceeded to ask: 

1)”Do you know the manner of talking?”  2)”Do you know the manners of eating?”  

3)”Do you know the manners of sleeping? Junaid found these easy & simple questions and replied:  

1)I know how to talk. I talk with a low voice, politely and to the point, so that the listeners are not at all offended.  2) I eat after having washed my hands, say Bismillah before I commence, and chew the food properly. When I finish, I thank Allah.  

3)Before I go to sleep, I do my Wudhu and retire to a clean, pak, bed. Then I bear witness to my faith and go to sleep.”  Bahlool stood up and started walking away saying: “I thought you were quite learned. Yet you do not know the most basic things of Islam. ”  

But Junaid would not let him go. “Please, guide me for the sake of Allah,” he enjoined.  “Well,” Bahlool said, Whatever you said was correct but a secondary virtues but if you do not know the principals of it then it is useless.  

1) “It is no use talking softly, politely and to the point, if it is a lie. When talking, one must ensure that one speaks the truth.  2) And when eating, remembering Allah over a food which is Haram, forbiden or usurped, has no meaning. You have to ensure that what you eat is Halal. That you are not misappropriating the funds of an orphan, a widow, a fellowman etc.  

3) And what is the use of sleeping with Wudhu and all the recitations if your heart is full of malice, jealousy and enemity towards you Mumin brother. He who sleeps with clean heart sleeps a religious man. Do you understand? These are the principals. The rest all are secondary virtues.” Hazrat Ali (a.s.) says :- A stupid man gives himself aways in three ways :

1) By speaking of things about which he is ignorant.

2) By answer before he has been asked

3) And by acting without deliberation


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