Introduction to Bohlool

According to a more authentic tradition, some of the Holy Imam’s companions and special friends came to Imam Musa Kazmi (a.s) because the Ruler (Harun Rashid) of that time was angry with them, and asked him for advice. The Imam answered with the sole letter ‘Jim’ (One of the letter of Arbic Language as ‘ J ‘ in English ) ; all of them understood. That was the answer and asked no further questions. 

Each person understood the Holy Imam’s advice in his own different way. One person took ‘Jim’ to mean ‘Jala watan’ –exile from town. Another thought of ‘Jabl’ –mountain. Bohlool took it to mean ‘Jinoon’ –insanity. This is how all of the Imam’s companions were saved from calamity. 

Before becoming insane, Bohlool lived a life of influence and power, but after obeying the Imam’s order, he turned his face away from the majesty and splendor of the world. In reality, he became crazy.  He dressed in rags, preferred desolate places over Haroun’s palaces, lived on a bite of stale bread. He did not accept favors from or depend upon Haroun or those like him. Bohlool considered himself better than the Khalifa and his courtiers because of his way of life.


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