Triple Filter Test


This very much useful presentation for our good morals with respective of Speech
1.Always speak only if it is Truth
2.Speak only if something is for goodness
3.Talk if something is Usefull

Or Else it will be wastage of Time & Enegry

Please go through this beautiful presentation >> triple-filter.pps 


9 Responses to “Triple Filter Test”

  1. Sakib Al Mahmud Says:

    you are right


  2. Tom Says:

    This is not an Islamic quote, I am afraid.
    The quote is attributed to Socrates, here: and on many other sites of various spiritualities.

  3. moralsandethics Says:

    Dear Tom

    This presentation and the incident is about the backbiting which is an Islamic teaching.

    Below is the verse from H.Quran which strongly prohibits from doing backbiting some 1400 years back.

    O you who believe! avoid most of suspicion, for surely suspicion in some cases is a sin, and do not spy nor let some of you backbite others. Does one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? But you abhor it; and be careful of (your duty to) Allah, surely Allah is Oft-returning (to mercy), Merciful.

    Behold, you received it on your tongues, and said out of your mouths things which you had no knowledge; and you thought it to be a light matter, while it was most serious in the sight of God (24: 15)

    Say to My servants that they should only say those things that are best, for Satan does sow dissensions among them, for Satan is to man an avowed enemy. (17:53)

    Below are the reachings of Hazrat Ali ibn Abutalib – Amir-ul-Mumineen (A.S):

    Amir-ul-Mumineen (Alahi Salaam) said: “Do contemplate (survey visually or mentally) before speaking so that you may guard yourself from (committing) errs.”

    Amir-ul-Mumineen (Alahi Salaam) said: “A fool’s mind is at the mercy of his tongue and a wise man’s tongue is under the control of his mind.”

    Amir-ul-Mumineen (Alahi Salaam) said: “A wise man first thinks and then speaks, and a fool speaks and then thinks.”

    Amir-ul-Mumineen (Alahi Salaam) said: “Among all things, the tongue deserves to be prisoned longer than anything else.” (Because most of our sins are committed by it, such as backbiting, telling lies, defaming, mocking, insulting, gossiping etc.)

    Amir-ul-Mumineen (Alahi Salaam) said: “One who is quick in saying unpleasant things about others, will himself quickly become a target to their scandal.”

    Amir-ul-Mumineen (Alahi Salaam) said: “A man can be values through his sayings.” and “The wiser a man is, the less talkative he will be.”

    Amir-ul-Mumineen (Alahi Salaam) said: “One who has no control over his tongue will often have to face embarrassment and discomfort.”

    Amir-ul-Mumineen (Alahi Salaam) said: “The tongue is such a ferocious beast that if let loose, it will act ravenously.”

    Imam Baqir, the fifth Imam, (Alahi Salaam) said: “No one is safe from sins unless the one controls his/her tongue.”

    Holy prophet (s.a.w) was asked about Backbiting when he said: “Do you know what is meant by backbiting?” They said, “Allah and His Messenger know best.” Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said, “To say something about your brother which he dislikes.” One asked, “Even if what I say is true about my brother?” Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam replied, “If such defects you say are true about him, then you have backbitten him, and if he doesn’t have what you say, then you have committed slander against him.”

    Hence, it is not allowed to talk about somebody in his/her absence, even if what was narrated was true. If it was not true, then it would be a bigger sin and it is called Buhtan (false accusation).

    I will try to give you the the exact refrence of this incident and name of the scholar also.

  4. honhungoc Says:


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